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One world watch:


Last weekend in the middle of the night a light suddenly came on by itself as a Toshiba laptop sprung to life as if through the workings of a poltergeist.

On the screen was a box that said a "security update" from Microsoft Corporation was downloading.

The confusing thing was that the laptop had been turned off before bed (or at least that's what we thought) and months before, when it was purchased, "automatic updates" had been disabled.

This also happened to us with a "smartphone" that had to be returned when it kept powering on by itself after a glitch caused during one of its software updates (this time, it wasn't Windows).

But back to the computer: Had the machine not been fully powered off and instead gone into "hibernation," illuminating when an update flashed in from the internet? The next morning we saw a notice on the screen that Microsoft had turned on the unit to do the update. And in the past, we have had other computers automatically restarted by Microsoft without our permission after a "critical" update.

It gets a bit creepy.

Still, we have found nothing on the internet saying that Microsoft can turn a computer on.

Did we actually shut down the machine the night before or leave before it actually went off (allowing it to stay on if there was a program that was asking for something to be "saved")? Can Microsoft actually turn on a computer? Or did we misread its notice the next morning?

We do know this: Microsoft is known to stealthily alter files on a user's system without any dialog box to request permission  and the company often "patches" files silently -- even if auto-updates have been disabled on a personal computer or laptop and reveals no information on the stealth updates (look for files bearing the number "7.0.6000.381"). Moreover,  we have seen them shut off and restart computers without permission after updates.

Our question: who is in control and who is not?

Another question: how did our government allow Microsoft and other huge technology companies to become so controlling?

What will be the future ramifications?

And is the control spreading beyond computers?

For our purposes today, we'll stay on the subject and Microsoft, which inevitably bring us to its co-founder and former chief executive (and some years "richest man in the world"), Bill Gates.

Along with his wife, Mr. Gates is now spending his time and vast resources on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (which is also supported heavily by Warren Buffet).

Hopefully, it is not a deception. For all we know, Bill Gates is what he projects: a self-effacing, relatively humble person who seeks to put the incredibly vast money he has accumulated from Microsoft to good use. No doubt this foundation has some worthwhile, even crucial, almost saintly causes, especially in the realm of education, sanitation in Third World nations, and feeding the impoverished; they should be lauded for much of the work they do, and for caring for something beyond the stock market.

Kudos, Mr. Gates.

We are all called by Christ to do such. They even fund Ursuline Sisters in Dallas.

But there are questions.

There is -- tragically -- Planned Parenthood.

Count up the various affiliates and divisions of this abortion-birth-control-focused operation on the foundation's list and you find that Bill and Melinda have handed the nefarious organization tens of millions. It is the biggest single cause of their foundation.

Translation: the money we all have spent on Microsoft products (or were virtually forced to spend, seeing how monopolistic the system became) has been funding abortion. (Note too that those Ursuline nuns are now in hot water with the bishop for publicly supporting Melinda and her criticism of the Church for its stand against contraception).

There are the vaccines.

It's hard to make a final determination. But vaccines may cause many problems -- in some cases, allergies (see: peanuts) and perhaps even autisim -- and according to one investigative author there was once an attempt by a charitable organization funded by the Rockefeller Foundation -- which now has ties with Gates -- to use vaccines to reduce populations.

This occurred "in the early 1990s, according to a report from the Global Vaccine Institute, when the World Health Organization oversaw massive [Rockefeller-funded] vaccination campaigns against tetanus in Nicaragua, Mexico, and the Philippines."

Suspicious because the vaccine included something called hCG -- a hormone critical in maintaining a pregnancy -- Comite Pro Vida de Mexico, a Roman Catholic lay organization, investigated and found that when combined with a tetanus vaccine, the hormone caused a woman's body to turn against both tetanus and the crucial hormone, rendering the woman incapable of maintaining an unborn child.

The vaccine was given only to women of child-bearing age (not to men or children). None of the women were told they were being injected with an abortion agent along with a vaccination. (Does this sound familiar?)

It was a "critical update."

In fact, there is a notorious Youtube video showing Gates during a talk in 2010 on population growth. "The world today has 6.8 billion people," he said. "That's heading up to about nine billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that [number of nine billion] by perhaps ten or fifteen percent."

Did we hear right, Mr. Gates?

Was it just a slip of the tongue?

If we do a great job with vaccines we can lower population growth?

The Rockefeller Foundation -- which has also worked feverishly to build a single world government (funding organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderberg Group) -- had worked for twenty years to develop an anti-fertility vaccine, says one author. Meanwhile, a couple of years ago, Gates attended a Bilderberg meeting. That's the top-secret annual meeting of the "elite."

We're not liking this.

We're not liking automatic updates.

We're not liking tracking techniques -- whether from mighty Microsoft or Google or Facebook.   

A spirit moves here.

One man who studies the topic of "technocracy," Patrick Wood, warns that, with things like the Smart Meter, which exactly tracks electrical use within a home, "these people want to control you, from cradle to grave."

The question" who are "these people"? Perhaps a better question: "what is the spirit behind this movement?"

Want to read a most informative book? Read Defiance by Father Joseph Esper on history's anti-christs and what may come. Or his Spiritual Dangers of the 21st Century.

We also squirm when we see an organization like Lucis Trust laud Gates, in general, for his global charitable contributions, although we've not seen evidence they have been recipients from Gates' philanthropy (Lucis Trust is dedicated to the occult New Age one-world teachings of Madame Blavatsky and was originally known as "Lucifer Publishing").

Oh, light workers! Oh, moguls who turn a computer on in the dark (or at least bring it out of hibernation)! Who force "security updates" into our private computers. Get your hands off.

And in the Name of Jesus, use your money for all good causes.

In the Name of Jesus, turn the right kind of Light on; do nothing in the dark.

[Bishop 'communicating' with nuns on their support for Gates]

[resources: Michael Brown retreat in Sacramento: the prophetic pulse and The Bilderberg Group]

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