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God has blessings for you, blessings you don't even know are there, blessings you may not even have requested. Our Lord is a giving God and He has all kinds of blessings in store for you. He has happiness. He has contentment. He has security. 

Those are gifts He may have wrapped for you and it may be time to claim them. We're not talking about material things (although they may figure into it). We're talking about grace. The Lord has abundant graces assigned to each of you, and when you get to heaven, you'll see the extent of them. He may be ready to give you gifts of joy, patience, prayer, love, friends, insights, peace, and well-being. There's no telling what he has wrapped for you, and the point is to realize them now -- to claim them -- so there won't be regrets later, in the afterlife, when you'll be able to see the entire plan for your life.

What a promise this is! The Lord wants you to live life to the fullest and if you follow His precepts -- clearly marked out in the New Testament -- you will find what you have yearned for (albeit not always in the way you have yearned for it). The Lord wants us to have life and life abundantly and He wants us to live in the joy of knowing that earth is but a trial and that beyond that is His Kingdom.

He grants blessings in the same way that there are holiday gifts.  Often He grants us what we request, but just as often He catches us off-guard. He surprises us. Often, He gives us things we didn't ask for. There are big gifts. There are small gifts. There are gifts that seem minor until we mature enough to appreciate them. Suddenly we turn a corner, and there it is: something from the Lord that sets us right and changes us in a way that's like manna from the sky and makes life all the better!

That's how generous God is. He's always looking to make us happy, but like any parent He doesn't give us things that are not good for us. When we die, we'll see the many things we sought that would have caused us damage. It will be remarkable to see God's plan for our lives laid out in ways we couldn't grasp while we were wearing earthly blinders. 

We're His children, and He's the ultimate parent, which means He is also strict. He wants us to develop in the right way. He wants us to seek heaven. And so He sends what will give us the best opportunity to attain not just happiness on earth but happiness forever. To claim His blessings means having faith. We have to know He answers prayers -- and then suddenly we see in quick succession how quickly (if it's in His will) He answers. As we increase in holiness we increase in faith; as we come closer to perfection we attain more of what in holiness we request.

There's no telling what He has in store for you. It could be a spouse, it could be a new job, it could be solving a problem with a son or daughter or friend. It could be the opportunity of suffering. 

The Lord surprises with His goodness as well as His generosity. Only Christ would make His birthday a day in which others receive gifts! He may well be ready to give you what you have sought for so long, but is waiting for you to learn a final lesson in patience or prayer or humility. He may be waiting for you to turn your life completely over to Him.

Be holy. Know that there are blessings around the corner. Have faith! That potent combination will loose many blessings and lift you in a way that'll exceed even your favorite Christmas. 

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