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It's an "ancient prophecy." It's said to come from a nun in Ecuador. We've had other excerpts before. The date: February 2, 1634. The mystic: Marianna Torres of Jesus, an Immaculate Conception nun whose experiences were accepted by local Church officials. It's awfully hard to confirm facts from so long ago (this is a century before America was even established), but according to popular renditions Sister Marianna was praying before the Blessed Sacrament when the perpetual lamp was suddenly and inexplicably extinguished and there was only a heavenly light. 

In the light was the Virgin, with a prophecy:

"My heart-loved daughter, I am Mary of Good Success [Buen Suceso], your mother and protector," she said, explaining that the light going out had "many meanings." One was that in later centuries -- in our own time -- there would be heresies, which would flourish to the point of being a "free republic," and that "the precious light of the faith will go out in souls because of almost total moral corruption."

We of course have seen much of that happen that since the prophecy (not really ancient, so much as archaic) was uttered. We have seen a tremendous, pervasive display of immorality. It started in the 19th century -- really, just before, with the French Revolution -- and as the Virgin predicted it led to great physical and moral calamities. "The licentiousness will be such that there will be no more virgin souls in the world," said the alleged prophecy. "In those times the air will be filled with the spirit of impurity which like a deluge of filth will flood the streets, squares, and public places."

If true -- in retrospect -- the prophecy is chilling. "The devil will take glory in perfidiously feeding on the hearts of children," it said. "The innocence of childhood will almost disappear. Thus priestly vocations will be lost. It will be a real disaster; priests will abandon their sacred duties and will depart from the path marked for them by God."

Satan would darken the sky, said the nun, quoting her vision --  "like a black cloud." This is similar to what we have heard from Medjugorje: that it is "the hour of the power of darkness." Sister Marianna warned that men of wealth would hoard money instead of reconstructing the faith. She said that "the people will care little for the things of God, will absorb the spirit of evil, and will let themselves be swept away by all vice and passions."

Much of this could pertain to the 19th and 20th centuries, which were specifically mentioned. Much can pertain to our own time. And once more there is a parallel to Medjugorje. At Medjugorje the Virgin said that the extended power of Satan would be broken when the secrets she gave the visionaries begin, and this too was apparently related many centuries before to Sister Marianna -- whose vision warned of "all sorts of chastisements: plagues, famines, war, apostasy, and the loss of souls without number."

How much pertained to past chastisements? To events like World War II? How much still looms?

In the end, said the Virgin -- said Mary of Good Success -- "will come my time. In astounding fashion I shall destroy Satan's pride, casting him beneath my feet, chaining him in the depth of hell, leaving Church and country freed at last from his cruel tyranny."

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