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      There are remarkable parallels between an old series of apparitions in South America and much more recent ones that have occurred in the United States.

The older apparitions -- which we have reported on as occurring to a Conceptionist sister, Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres of Ecuador [see previous story] -- and the apparitions to Ohio nun Mildred Mary Neuzil (in what we call the "American apparition") shared these striking characteristics:

-- Both emphasized purity and were closely tied to the Immaculate Conception. Indeed, the Ecuador apparitions took place at the Royal Convent of the Immaculate Conception in Quito and emphasized that an "ocean" of filth would "run through the streets, squares, and public places," and that a time would come when evil would "invade childhood innocence." There would be virtually no "virgin souls." Likewise, the American apparition focused on youth and included a powerful prayer [click here] to the Immaculate Conception for the sake of the United States.

-- Both involved requests for a special statue. In the case of the Quito apparitions -- which occurred between 1594 and 1634, but which supposedly had predictions specifically for the 20th century -- the request was for a statue to be placed in the Convent of the Immaculate Conception, which occurred in 1611 after a solemn procession to the upper choir, according to a book, Our Lady of Good Success, by Marian Therese Horvat. In the case of Sister Mildred Neuzil, the request was to have a solemn procession and then to place a statue of Mary dedicated to purity in the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington. It was to be done under the title of "Our Lady of America" -- a request that still has not been fulfilled.

-- Both Mother Mariana and Sister Neuzil suffered greatly at the end of their lives, as well as during their time in their convents, and for a time both were even denied their habits or parts of their religious garb. In the case of Mother Mariana,  the apparent persecution came from a prioress who was even violent. As was also the case with Sister Neuzil, the cloister shifted from the original order it was under to a different system of authority.

-- Both the 16th century nun and Sister Neuzil (whose visions occurred from 1938 to 2000) both had experiences with the archangels Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael. In the case of Mother Mariana, it was claimed that the angels actually helped complete the statue, under the title "Mary of Good Success of the Purification" (or Candlemas Day).

-- Both died after long suffering and had what seemed like near-death experiences. Mother Mariana suffered internal stigmata, as is also suspected, to some degree, with Sister Neuzil.

-- And both warned -- Mother Mariana, allegedly, 400 years ago -- that the 20th century would be a period of tremendous moral and physical calamities unless mankind stayed close to Christ and His Immaculate Mother.

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