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We all know the expression "go with the flow," but we must know where the flow is going.

It can be headed for darkness.

It is a time of deception. Study the "water" you're on. Study what's in your boat.

Consider kayaking on an intracostal waterway -- one of those inlets that run parallel to the ocean. On an intracoastal, or a tidal "river," the wind blows one way. You see the movement of waves on the surface. You feel the wind. But beneath, the larger parcel of water -- the real river, reaching to the bottom, and going with the tide -- may be moving in the opposite direction.

Make sure you know where you're actually headed, and from which direction resistance -- wind resistance, water resistance -- will come. Find what may be obscuring your vision or outright blocking your progress.

Most realize the importance of tranquility: how the feeling of "peace" is often a marker for the direction in which we should head.

There are others. There is joy (does it bring you happiness in the spirit, even if the direction may be tough?). There is comfort (does it fit awkwardly, or like an old shoe?). There is the feeling of well-being (call these "states of well-being": something that is in the right direction feels like you are "headed home").

The devil seeks to divert us. He causes wind. He is the Prince of the Power of the Air. He creates waves. He makes whirls. And he's successful when we allow him to "cling" to our surroundings, our bodies (the kayak), and our spirits.

We can be weighted down by trash.

Demons disorient us, when we allow them to. It's often up to us.

"Satan cannot torment without a right established by God," says one deliverance expert. "He knows every 'legal' right God gives him and will absolutely refuse to leave if those rights remain. In order to cast out demons you need to destroy Satan's legal right over that person, place, or group. Even when sheer strength of the Word of God and persistency forces demons out, if legal rights remain, then demons promptly enter again.

"Legal rights are sometimes called 'curses.' Garbage attracts flies and rats. Flies are like ruling spirits in the heavenlies and rats are like the rulers of darkness on earth. Get rid of the garbage, and the flies and rats disappear. On the other hand, if the garbage remains, they invariably come back. Therefore, the problem is not so much getting rid of demons as it is eliminating garbage."

We think of such this week of the Archangels -- who can assist in the "housecleaning."

Saint Gabriel tells us the truth -- which direction the water is really flowing in. Saint Michael does it all, especially casting away demons. Once the garbage is removed, Saint Raphael can come forth to heal us (as Christ so often cast out unclean spirit before He healed). He also knows where the fish are!

Ask God and His angels to rid you of any "sludge." Ask Our Immaculate Mother for advice on housecleaning (she's the expert!). Then, go with the flow, the right one. It will lead to pure, healing flows -- the Living Waters of Heaven.

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