Invoking God, Gore gives gracious speech and Bush takes reins

by Michael Brown

       Vice President Al Gore stunned and warmed the nation Wednesday night with a speech that was spiritual, humble, and generous. (For the text, click here.) Gone was the driving ambition. Gone was the lust for victory. Gone was a hard- glazed look that had haunted him and the nation. 

        The goodness in this man showed through in a speech that was far more gracious than even his supporters anticipated. It was like a cloud was lifting from him -- and the nation. 

       The new President-elect, George W. Bush, also invoked God, and even mentioned praying for Gore -- an almost unheard of act at this time at this level of politics.

         Whatever the specific policies, Bush promises, by virtue of his own conversion, to bring a more spiritual atmosphere. I believe we can begin to purify. 

       After all that the nation has been through, it will take time, and there will be painful moments in the years ahead -- certain upheavals -- but at least we have a chance at regaining some of the morality this nation once had.     

        And those who support what the bible calls abominations -- who were shoving the New Age, abortion, fornication, homosexuality, and all sorts of old evil into our faces -- will no longer have the kind of clout, the upper hand, they have had for the past eight years. 

          As for Gore, he seemed to return to the man he was before reversing himself on abortion and becoming part of such a confusing, questionable, and painful administration.

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