Forty Dreams of St. John Bosco
by Saint John Bosco
These fascinating dreams involve prophecy and reading of hearts, with a powerful spiritual message. Includes: To Hell and Back, Two Boys Attacked by a Monster, The Snake and the Rosary, and many more. These dreams led to many conversions and will instruct, admonish and inspire today! Many find prophetic indications in the life of this saint, whose charisms included the mysterious multiplication of hosts as well as his dreams that many believe may symbolize our current turbulent Church times! CLICK HERE


By Michael H. Brown

It's December 5, and I just got in from cutting the grass. Not only that, but I broke a sweat. A man doing home-repair work down the street was in short sleeves, and as I mowed the lawn I was passed by a jogger in shorts. 

This is pretty unusual in December in Upstate New York. Here and in other parts of the North, they're playing golf. Bushes are blooming along a river in Massachusetts. October was the warmest month ever recorded. Surely, when the National Climatic Data Center tabulates the readings from last month, November will also be up there. As pointed out in Sent To Earth, at least seven of the top ten warmest years on record occurred during the 1990s. 

Whatever the cause (we're not going to get into that debate), officials at the federal level now agree that there is a global increase in temperatures. This should be no surprise; for many months we have been discussing prophecies, especially one at LaSalette, France, which predicted that "the seasons will be altered."

The weather has always been a sign of the times, and while we enjoy the warmth, we have to keep in mind that it is a climate swerve, and that means there will be extremes of all kinds -- including extremes in winter weather. Temperatures will swing radically in all directions (including cold), and this gyration will accompany (and often precede) major societal events. We've seen it already. Incredible it is how quakes in Afghanistan punctuated the first days of the crisis there; how Indonesia saw a quake at the very time that Muslims were persecuting Christians (and on the very same island); and how record rains hit parts of Israel on precisely the day that nation fired on Arafat's headquarters due to the recent terrorism.

Watch the signs of the times, said Jesus; watch; be vigilant. And yes, Virginia, there is climate change.

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