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Was Halley's Comet a sign in the sky referred to by Jesus?

This is an intriguing question because in Luke 21 Christ mentioned "great signs" and "fearful omens" that would be seen "in the sky." He said this in the context of what some see as the end times (an era that obviously has not yet culminated), but in the same chapter of Luke is this prophecy of the fall of Jerusalem: "When you see Jerusalem encircled by soldiers, know that its devastation is near. The people will fall before the sword; they will be captive in the midst of the gentiles." Then he again mentioned "signs in the sun, the moon, and the stars."

In the passage of this same prophecy in Matthew 24 the Lord indicated buildings in the temple area and said that "not one stone will be left on another."

Well, indeed: Halley's was seen in 66 A.D. -- in what was probably it's most famous appearance, as it hung, in the words of an historian named Jospehus, "in the form of a sword over Jerusalem." 

It was a most unusual appearance, according to astronomers, and was taken as an omen -- for good reason, as it turned out. For that very year a war began that ended with tens of thousands dead, as Roman soldiers (Gentiles) swarmed into Israel.

As prophesied, Jerusalem was surrounded and its temple ruined.

During other appearances Halley's is said to have coincided with events such as the first Roman defeat of Cathage and changes among Roman leaders like Agrippa. Many wonder if other comets, particularly Hale-Bopp, which hung in the sky in 1994, might likewise be signs.

Halley's comes by every 76 years and was last seen in 1986.


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