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Fear is not a part of Christianity -- not if we have the Holy Spirit. We speak here of fear when it comes to evil. With Christ, we have victory.

But we also should have common sense.

This week we approach Halloween, and there are those who scoff at concerns about its spiritual nature. It's just fun, or tradition, they say, and there is truth to that. However, increasing numbers are starting to see through some of the costumes.

Granted, most of it is innocent. But would it not make more sense to dress a kid as a saint or cartoon character than the devil or Freddie Kruger?

If statues bring grace, what do representations of the dark side evoke?

Unfortunately, evil spirits -- and unsettled souls -- are around us.

Wrote a a viewer named Christina MacDonald: "In July 2007 we moved into our new house. One month later, in August, my son had invited a friend to stay overnight. This little boy's older sister came into our home wearing a pentagram with other symbols on it as well. That evening in my kitchen at the desk, on the laptop, while all three kids (two of them ten and one six years old) were looking at pictures of kittens, a popup of Linda Blair from The Exorcist appeared, along with a scream. All the kids shouted and were terrified. My youngest went into a fetal position for thirty minutes. Thank God I found a priest to come bless my house and he also asked where the computer was that this happened through, and he blessed it. It turned out the girl was doing witchcraft. I don't think I will ever wait to get a new home blessed again."

Many are the ghoulish -- and demonic -- "haunted" houses or hayrides and amusements these days. They are all the rage.

At the same time, evil seems more prevalent than ever. It can oppress us in many forms. One way is through "night terror" -- which psychologists try to explain away as they try to explain away (and rename) everything.

Wrote another viewer: "Since my childhood, I have been plagued by this sort of nightmare, and though the setting changes, the scenario is always the same. In one dream, I knew that I was asleep and dreaming, though I was completely aware of my surroundings. My eyes flew open, and I was immediately aware of a deeply oppressive and terrifying presence. I could see a shadow of a figure in the doorway, making its way towards me.  I tried to move my head to get a better look, but I couldn’t move. I heard the figure whispering and shouting at the same time, threatening to do terrible things to me. I tried to speak, but my throat felt as though it was closing. I tried desperately to move, but couldn’t. Yet in my state of sleep/awake, I began mouthing the Hail Mary over and over, until I could finally say it, and at that point awoke."

It always helps to pray a Rosary just before we fall asleep, and then immediately upon rising (or at least after the shower: before the day starts, with it the challenges). This is protection.

Meanwhile, back to Halloween, and this note from Jan Reagor, who has a deliverance ministry in Montana. "When we hang pictures of our Lord, the Blessed Mother, and other items representing Christianity in our home, we honor Jesus Christ," she writes. "When we have unholy objects representing evil, we honor Satan. Many people are not aware Halloween is a celebration of Satan's birthday, and when we decorate our homes with evil looking stuff, and our children in demonic looking costumes, Satan takes advantage of our unawareness! Halloween has the next-highest sales to Christmas, so it has become a competition between Satan and Jesus for celebrating their birthdays! I met a woman who is a survivor of satanic ritual abuse. She closes herself in her home the night before Halloween, and begins to pray and weep for the innocent children that are offered to Satan on Halloween, as she once was. She does not stop until the morning after Halloween. I vividly recalled one of the first houses I ever helped bless. The 'strongman' spirit was in that basement -- in a closet with a black witch costume in it, hat, cape and all. The lady was more than willing to get it out of her house, even though it was an expensive costume, because she had been  harassed by the spirit at night. All the harassment stopped after we removed the costume, cut it up, and got rid of it, and blessed the house. She was grateful after a few good nights sleep, and was unaware Halloween items can open the door to unwanted spirits."

Do dreams indicate evil? "I saw your headline about dark spiritual forces and recalled a dream I had this past Friday evening," wrote Mary Pav. "I live in midtown Manhattan in sight of the Empire State Building. In the dream the sky of New York was darkened by sooty black emissions coming from every building in sight. These were not coming from chimneys or smoke stacks, just spewing forth, violently, from the tops of the building. It was creepy and frightening. The sooty smoke had a sinister, evil aspect. At one point even though it was midday, the sky grew so dark it was like midnight. People were screaming in fright, saying 'where is the sun?' and the streets were clogged with people trying to flee. I looked out the window and the Empire State was spewing mightily, and I felt as if the top of that building was about to go. I have had some precognition in my lifetime; it has never come in dreams. This dream was different. I was so relieved to wake up. Without planning it, I broke my normal dog walk routine to walk through midtown, and found myself, again unplanned, praying the Rosary for miles."

That will dispel it!

That will dispel anything.

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