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What is the nature of the universe? We'll find out one day. It certainly can bear perplexities (infinite ones, in the minds of us earthlings).

The question is asked because photographs of the galaxies, offered up by telescopes like the Hubble, sometimes present images that seem spiritual.

Last week it was a widely-circulated photograph of a pulsar wind nebula that NASA dubbed "the Hand of God."

"The photograph captured by the telescope shows the nebula 17,000 light-years away, which is powered by a dead, spinning star called PSR B1509-58," noted a newspaper in India. "The pulsar itself is just nineteen kilometers long, but spins around nearly seven times every second. As it spins, it throws out particles heaved up during the starís death, which interact with magnetic fields around the ejected material, causing it to glow with X-rays (reported The Times of India).

"For NASA, one of the biggest remaining mysteries surrounding the object is whether the pulsar particles are interacting with the material in a specific way to make it look like a hand, or if the material is in fact shaped like a hand. 'We donít know if the hand shape is an optical illusion,' Hongjun An of McGill University, Montreal, Canada told NASA."

We are seeing high-energy x-rays, it seems, in a new light.

A "pulsar wind nebula"? It's a term that at least makes us think we know what it is.

The universe is strange indeed -- incomprehensible, despite scientific attempts to put ages and distances on aspects of it.

Overall, we are clueless even about the outer reaches of our own solar system (see: the Oort Belt) and many of our explanations test credibility. The very way that stars such as the sun are powered remains up for debate; is it really just a nuclear reaction, or a materialization of energy through a portal from an undiscovered dimension?

Back in the 1970s scientists announced that they were not really sure how the sun causes all of its energy.

It's been just a couple of decades since we learned there are asteroids between us and the sun.

How about the "eye of God" (the Helix Nebula, right)?

For years, we have published similar astronomical photographs. Many come from NASA's website called the Astronomy Picture of the Day. In it, through those years, we have noted peculiarities: what seemed like symbols and sometimes faces or resemblances that (like some photographs on earth) seem to harbor spiritual connotations.

You'll see a photograph of a nebula, or a galaxy, or (down here on earth) the northern lights, that seems to bear representations of the Madonna or an angel or an evil spirit.

Is it simple coincidence, or, simply, that the spiritual inflects itself on astronomical photography as it inflects itself on photographs here on earth (for example, at pilgrimage sites)? Might we -- just might we -- be glimpsing the true nature of what is beyond the sky above us? Is there a message?

The "hand of God" might well be happenstance (for those who believe in happenstance). And even if it is a spiritual hand (if, from all angles, it looks like a hand to you), one could wonder whether it's a good "hand" or a bad one. There seems to be a face behind it. There are often what could be taken as facial formations. (Purgatorial?)

During alleged near-death experiences, those who "die" often describe a dark void through which they pass to the other side, sometimes characterizing it as a funnel or tunnel or dark void or vortex of energy that seemed to transport them from one reality -- one set of dimensions -- to another.

But in some cases, the journey to the "other side" is a journey through space.

Instead of a tunnel, they are whisked through space past planets, stars, galaxies.

Or so it's said.

During episodes of near-death, some say they saw the spirits of people in that galactic-like, celestial passage in an in-between state: kind of stuck in the vortex or "tunnel."

Perhaps the "universe" -- or more likely (since we're dealing with infinity) universes -- are not what they seem.

There certainly is a physical component. We have walked the moon. we have exploratory craft on Mars.

But those who walked the moon often describe it as an overwhelmingly spiritual experience, and what is physical, of course, may also have a non-physical dimension.

In near-death experiences, "cities of light" (which they are not allowed to approach) are often seen beyond the nearest stars. Said one such experiencer (a former atheist and professor, Dr. Howard Storm): "Off in the distance far, far away, I saw a vast area of illumination that looked like a galaxy. In the center there was an enormously bright concentration of light. Outside the center countless millions of spheres of light were flying about, entering and leaving that great concentration of light at the center. These 'stars' were all in motion in relation to the center. They were moving towards or away from the brilliant center of the universe.

"As we approached, still a vast distance away, I was permeated with tangible intense feelings and thoughts of love. While moving toward the presence of the great light, center of all being, the One, I was beyond thought. It is not possible to articulate what occurred. Simply, I knew that God loved me, that God loved the Creation, that God is love. This experience of love totally changed my life from the inside out. No matter what happened I would always know that God loved me."

"From then on, we kept going along," said another who died and returned. "The darkness grew lighter as I seemed to go down the tunnel. Then as I got a little bit nearer, way at the upward end of the tunnel, there was a white light. And then the energy just shot me toward the light. And I broke through into the universe.

"It's not like the sun, moon, and sky, and the planets floating around. There's color there. There's peace. And there's some kind of order."

Some kind indeed!

Stars twinkle.

At apparition sites, they seem to move.

Sounds crazy, doesn't it (from a physical perspective)?

One day, physicality will seem trivial.

Legalists will be surprised.

Cynics will be the uninformed.


It is naught but a current tool. It will never know everything about anything.

It's all about God.

It's all about the Holy Spirit.

It's all about the eternity of Jesus.

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[Feedback: "The astronomers believe that over 100 billion galaxies exist in the physical universe. It is to be expected that a few might appear in anthropomorphic shapes. In fact, the recently deceased astronomer Halton Arp created a catalog of odd or irregular galaxies that led him to question certain basic assumptions such as the red shift effect for galaxies receding away from us. The real hope for science will be in establishing the reality of spiritual realms both below and above our physical realm. In fact, without this advance many phenomena, such as living organisms, will remain unexplainable. Our hope as believers in the Holy Trinity is that we will be saved from destruction and death, not that science will confirm religious truths. Looking at the Bible, the true center of gravity is found in the story of Daniel being rescued from the lion's den because of his devotion to his God. Christianity explicitly provides for our salvation through Christ, the Messiah. No other religion does the same or similar thing. Cordially in JMJ, Kenneth Heck."

"Enjoyed reading your piece called 'In the Far Reaches of the Universe are there Formations with a Spiritual Element.' Last November at my parish in Pennsauken, NJ they had a talk w/an astronomer, James Mullaney who wrote "The Heavens Declare Finding God in the Majesty of the Heavens"......loved his talk. I remember him showing us a cluster star system feeding a new cluster star system (baby system) and it resembled a pregnant woman and her umbilical cord and that's what they called it (if I remember correctly). Maureen Dombrowski."

"Thanks for all your insights. My family and I live in Weston, Colorado not far from the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Last night as we got ready for bed I looked out our front window and everything was bathed in a pale green light. When I mentioned it to one of my friends in the area, she mentioned that the night before the moon was green. Another elderly lady in our prayer group mentioned that the green lights and bad dust storms we have been having lately reminded her of what her grandparents had told her had happened before the start of WWII. Curious if others have seen same.
God Bless, Melanie Dubis"]


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