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There are a few matters that we have to address when it comes to spiritual warfare.

One is homosexuality: As much as we are to love those with "gay" proclivities (while hating the sin), and no matter how much we will be pressured, in coming years, to consider homosexuals as an oppressed "minority," let us never fail to remember the fact that an active homosexual lifestyle is an intrinsic disorder (the Vatican tells us that). It is also, we might add, often a deception of the evil one.

Who but Satan would pervert men into finding an attraction to men and women in finding attraction to women, when they are anatomically incapable of true convergence?

Good men and women who are born or develop certain abnormal behavorial tendencies often succumb to distorted fleshly passions or find themselves seduced unwittingly by a spirit into living out those tendencies (instead of seeking deliverance). In other words, homosexuality is often a spiritual issue, not just a moral one. We must thus pray for their healing and deliverance.

In some cases -- in many cases -- demons possess those in the homosexual subculture, as especially demonstrated by those who lewdly parade about at "decadence" festivals (in places like Key West and New Orleans), disrupt Masses by standing up and turning their backs to the altar (in many cities, as if oppressed), ridicule holiness in gay-rights parades (as annually in San Francisco), and even display pentagrams (as recently in Michigan, during disruption of a service there, making it all very clear to see). These are the radical gays.

Glazed eyes filled with hate offer all we need to discern the evil one's presence. Why otherwise would a homosexual dress up as a nun carrying a lewd sign or mocking Jesus? Let us love homosexuals while not allowing them to intimidate us.

This is an "oppressed" minority? Or is it a manifestation of a spirit of anti-christ that oppresses Christians?

In New Orleans, transvestites and others of unusual sexual orientation have decked themselves out at Mardi Gras time in costumes looking like the Blessed Mother but with signs that said "Pizza Slut." The Sacred Heart has been mocked as Jesus wearing the mask of a court jester (they called this "Da Goofy Guy" on his entrance into "the New Jerusalem." a.k.a., the French Quarter), and there were also gays dressed as scantily-clad nuns. Huge demonic faces made of paper maché smiled above placards shaped like tablets that said, "Steal, lie, covet." Women with a strange glint wore plastic cow utters and signs that said, "Blessed are the cheesemakers." In one celebration a long-haired man smiling foolishly to mock Jesus with a crown of thorns had his arm around a woman who had the distinct look of a witch.

Who is oppressing whom? Who is guilty of "hate crimes"?

These people need and deserve not only our love but our prayers. In other cases, men may be haunted by female familial spirits. This is totally unexplored territory bound to generate guffaws because it has been inadequately considered. Let us posit it here.

The second issue that needs to be addressed ties in and offers more complexity. We note that many folks in various circles (particularly the young) are using the "horn" sign with their fingers. Could this unwittingly hint at the influence of the same subtle anti-Christian spirit?

President 2.0You see it increasingly, whether at political rallies, pro football games, wrestling matches, or (especially) heavy-metal concerts. One news website pictured revelers using the symbol around a celebratory bonfire above a headline of the stock soaring (in response to the first bailout). Motorcycle gangs use it. Homosexuals use it. Mobsters use it. It isn't always clear what it means.

To some, it may mean "rock on." To others, it is a sign of comaraderie, or rebellion. It can mean "victory" (although we prefer Churchill's two juxtaposed fingers). At University of Texas Longhorn football games, it is meant to say "hook them!" (President George Bush and family, fans of the team, have used it frequently.)

It is clear, however, that the origins are dark.

"The sign of the horns, also corna (Italian for horns, mano cornuta, horned hand fare le corna, to make the horns, or simply the devil horns), is a hand gesture with a vulgar meaning in Mediterranean countries and a variety of meanings and uses in other cultures," says Wikipedia. "It can be traced to Ancient Greece, and in Ancient Rome it was known as Vorena the Elder's gesture, and symbolized a curse. It is realized by extending the index and little fingers while holding the middle and ring fingers down with the thumb."

It is also identical to the "Karana mudra" of Eastern religions -- which is also a bit intriguing, from a spiritual standpoint.

It was used in the 1969 cartoon figure of John Lennon as seen on the original vinyl album cover of the Beatles' "Yellow Submarine." (Others say the figure was giving the American Sign Language sign for "love," which animators drew incorrectly).

Unfortunately, it is also employed by hard-core satanists. The founder of the Church of Satan, Anton LaVey, used the horns. One can likewise trace back use of the swastika as a sun symbol and occult emblem through various centuries and cultures.

The devil sign, devil horns, goat horns, metal horns, horns up, slinging metal, metal sign, sticks up, throwing the goat, rocking the goat, sign of the goat, throwing the horns, evil fingers, the horns, forks, metal fist, rock fist, fist of rock... Often we innocently use symbols with anything but innocent connotations. Might a subtle dark underside be sneaking this in? Is it represented by those fingers?

This ties in with a third issue: the general rise in spiritual warfare. That has been progressing now for years -- for decades -- but continues to hit increasingly high strides. Families find themselves vulnerable to spirits and are left defenseless by a Church that -- under pressure from secularists -- no longer preaches exorcism.

These evil spirits gain energy from anger, sin, hatred, rebellion, and outrageous public conduct -- as in New Orleans and San Francisco and now so many other places. Will such behavior -- and the spirit, the signs, of anti-christ -- be emboldened by the return of liberalism?

So far, President-elect Barack Obama has gravitated more toward the center, and may even be delaying any action on abortion. But the fears persist.

"At 8:45 a.m. today, as I entered the second floor parking garage in the building where I live, on my way to Holy Mass, I discovered my Choose Life metal license plate holder was viciously pulled off my car," writes a viewer. "I informed building security, the apartment manager and reported it to the Dallas Police Department. I've had this on my car for over a year."

A pastor was physically assaulted while decorating his church for Christmas. Atheists put a "holiday" display mocking religion next to a Nativity. Swedish fashion designer Bjorn Borg has produced an ad that shows two priests being married to each other by a female minister.

"The problem is becoming worse because now the homosexuals are becoming very aggressive and even violent," frets viewer Peter Tijerina. "I saw video on the news of an elderly lady, nearly 70 years old, that was surrounded by a mob of homosexual men and was berated and even assaulted when they knocked a crucifix from her hand and stomped on it. I even read reports that they had spit on her. There were no police in sight."

Hopefully, this will not become a trend.

One has to be extremely careful about labeling a political movement or leader as evil without giving such a person a chance. We are in a stage of preparation. Others will come. There is evil on all sides of the aisle. One can also label as evil the wanton greed and inhumanity in the business community. Or political corruption. Or all the bizarre crimes. Prayer is needed. So is love. Those who hate active homosexuals or any sinners must turn that dislike into active Christian love, which is the greatest weapon against darkness. We can hate -- we can dislike -- no one. Those who sin heterosexually are no better than those who sin homosexually. Cautious we must be in tossing the first stone.

But bold?

It is becoming too bold out there. The hand signal is everywhere.

Let us be careful that evil does not use us without our knowing it.

It is worldwide. It affects all of us personally. It pervades our society -- not just those involved in gay rights or pro-abortion movements. "I have seen this type of oppression before, but never to this degree, and at such a rapid pace," wrote one viewer under attack. "Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that we just completed and consecrated the prayer room in our house. The infernal seems infuriated, even openly threatening."

Oh, but we have more than enough tools to ward it off. When evil resists, it is afraid.

Against it Christ has sent His Mother. In her guidance is our protection. In her guidance is our deliverance. The tiniest light shines brightly and especially in the darkest night.

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