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Does Hollywood know something we don't? Are there prophets behind our pop culture?

It makes you wonder when you consider that a studio was about to release a movie, "Collateral Damage" (starring Arnold Schwarzenhegger), in which a firefighter seeks revenge when terrorists destroy a building and kill his family.

Sony has cut a World Trader Center scene from the movie "Men in Black 2" and delayed the start of "Tick Tock" about a serial bomber threatening Los Angeles.

There is even a movie called "Nose Bleed" in which a window washer discovers a terrorist plot to blow up the World Trade Center!

Yet another movie is based on a plot to blow up Harrods in London.

There are more, and these are current or about-to be-released movies!

And then there is the new Bob Dylan lyric: "I'm gonna baptize you in fire," it goes, "so that you can sin no more."

Pontiff urges cinema world be instrument of peace


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