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The other day, we ran a photograph of the northern lights from Finland, which on September 23 formed the extraordinary image of an angel, in red and holding what looked like a sword [see below]. That the northern lights (or "aurora borealis") would form such a display is remarkable. It was the northern lights that constituted the "great sign" of Fatima -- and presaged the Second World War.

Now we seem on the verge of another great battle. Will it be a long holy war? Have we seen the beginnings of World War III? Will it be Muslims versus Jews and Christians as it was during many of our darkest historical periods?

The words of terrorist Osama Bin Laden's group the other day were chilling. "Wherever there are Muslims, they should prepare for jihad and by the grace of God, the victory will be Islam's," said one comunique. "Wherever there are Americans and Jews, they will be targeted."

Other statements have mentioned "Christians." This evokes the tremendous Muslim oppressions from the eighth to 15th centuries -- when hordes rummaged across Europe and forced Christians to hide crucifixes and statues of the Virgin. It was during this oppression that a famous miraculous image of Mary was buried in Spain at a spot called "Guadalupe" (centuries before apparitions occurred at a place in Mexico that was named after this earlier site), and it was during this takeover that a town in Portugal was named after Mohammed's daughter -- Fatima. 

Coincidences? We don't believe in "coincidence." And we'd like to point out that the Muslims may well have eradicated Christianity but for a miraculous victory on October 7, 1571, at Lepanto when Spanish, Venetian, and Genoese fleets -- bolstered by a huge Rosary procession -- defeated invading Muslim Turks, preventing a takeover of Western Europe. [see details]. 

It was during the Muslim occupation that many in what is now Bosnia-Hercegovina were converted to the Muslim faith. Throughout much of the 1990s Muslims, Orthodox, and Catholics viciously fought each other, with the Virgin appearing at Medjugorje -- right there in Hercegovina -- to urge reconciliation. 

Was this a harbinger of a larger religious war?

At Medjugorje, the Virgin allegedly told one of the seers that the third world war would not occur. But it seems to us that the issue remains open. The statement on "no world war" was in the early 1980s and may well have pertained to nuclear tensions between the U.S. and Soviet Union at that particular time (not to all the future). Such is indicated by Sister Lucia dos Santos of Fatima, who has told visitors that had it not been for the consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in 1984, a nuclear war would have occurred in 1985.

Such may well be what was symbolized by the third secret, whereby an angel with a flaming sword was ready to torch the world.

Or is it the case that this angel is the one symbolized in the third secret, and that the third secret is yet to completely unfold?

All we know is that we have an angel on the scene, as well as the aurora. Is it telling us something again? Are we in for a long battle with Islam? Keep in mind that Muslim persecution of Christians lasted for many centuries, and keep in mind that we're talking huge numbers. According to statistics gathered in the newly-published "World Christian Encyclopedia," 31.2 percent of the world's six billion people are Christians but Muslims have increased their share to 19.6 percent (from 12 percent a century ago). There are now 1.2 billion followers of Islam, and they have been persecuting Christians from Africa to the Philippines and Indonesia.

Indeed, an alliance between Islam and Hindus (who have been viciously persecuting Christians in places like India) could cause a huge sway, as would an alliance between Muslims and China.

Are we headed for another "Lepanto"? Did the September 11 event already signal the start of a new centuries-long war?

 Back last year during the election struggle many Catholics referred to that political struggle as a "Lepanto event." Maybe that was a bit of a misnomer. We think that without prayer the real "Lepanto" continues to lurk in the future, and as in 1581 will be won (or prevented) only with prayer.

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