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There's a fellow named Leonard Horowitz who claims there are major indications that certain diseases like AIDS and Ebola have probably come, at times, accidentally, or otherwise, from American laboratories -- military and health agencies (sometimes working together).

In other words: that such serious viruses were genetically modified in labs for the purposes of bio-warfare, or have been stored to develop new vaccines. We have a new "special report" on this.

One of his charges is that Dr. Robert Gallo, official U.S. "discoverer," in 1981, of the AIDS virus, actually knew about the virus a decade before -- because he had helped concoct the virus under a joint Department of Defense-National Institutes of Health program.

That's some claim. We don't pretend to rule one way or another.

He likewise claims that types of Ebola are due to scientific meddling with viruses, perhaps for population control (this we do look at).

We have a special report outlining the evidence that a number of epidemics may have arrived through the decades from secret government labs, a report in which we show strange occurrences around the world surrounding U.S. laboratories.

It's a follow-up to our first report.

These reports will be focused on much more than medical issues (they will cover everything from prophecy to spiritual warfare) -- but due to current events, we are taking a very close look, in these first two reports [available here], at the virus issue.

The details are there.

Our question, for purposes here:

How did Dr. Horowitz, who was educated at Tufts University and Harvard University (serving on the research faculty of the latter school), find a "smoking gun" document -- a government contract -- linking government and Dr. Gallo to alleged development of dangerous viruses?

In one case (involving Dr. Gallo), Horowitz claims it came down to a voice he heard in the Davis Library at the University of North Carolina in North Carolina while he was searching for Congressional records. "This information God wants to come out," he has stated in public appearances.

"How do I know that for certain?"

He then explains that when he stopped in the library in North Carolina and asked a librarian for two Congressional records (thinking he would then be basically done with research, but biding his time there while his wife and child took in the local sights), he was led to extraordinary evidence.

"I wanted two more documents and that's it, I was done," he said. "But you know how that is. God had other plans. I'm following the librarian, down a hall, down a flight of stairs, about ten yards behind him, and all of a sudden I hear a voice say, 'Stop' as loud as though I'm speaking to you now. 'Stop. Turn right.' I said, 'Okay." But now I got a problem because the librarian turns back and says, 'Hey, where are you going?' 'Don't mind me' [I said]. 'I'm just going to have a look over here.' He says, 'No, your Congressional records are over here'" -- and is becoming impatient. He said, 'That's not how you do research! You get your citations and look them up.'"

But Dr. Horowitz kept his ground and, ignoring the librarian (who looked like a "linebacker"), instead obeyed the "voice" he claims to have heard. (This is called an auricular locution, for those who follow mysticism.)

"Walk slow. Stop," he claims he heard. "Turn left. Walk."

For our discernment!

Following the instructions, he stepped down an aisle seventy yards or so long and with stacks eight-feet tall on both sides, filled with various documents.

"Look down left, knee-high."

He looked down left, knee high, he relates -- and was stunned to see not the Congressional records he had requested (elsewhere in the library) but the words "Special Virus Cancer Program, Project Report, 1971."

"It pops into my face," he recalled

It was what he had been looking for -- and then some.

It had to do with those scientists he had suspected but had details -- and documentation -- he never expected.

God, indeed, it seemed, wanted it out.

Is it now coming out?

"This is all a part of a great plan," he believes. "I believe that because of your prayers and thousand of others around the world, I am still here to tell the story."

Oh, he has those who question him, Horowitz does. There are the skeptics. And we have no idea about all he asserts or charges. He believes the government has concocted any number of things, and many would label it all as an obsession with conspiracy. He claims many things.

But as you will see, in our special report, he's hardly alone.

And strange, similar trends have occurred with Ebola, there in Africa, as we report -- where HIV also "originated."

[resources: Special Report: History of diseases that suddenly erupt indicate more than natural forces, hinting at government origins and Spirit Daily's New Bookstore and New: What You Take To Heaven]

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