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For many years, we have shied away from using terms like global "warming" or global "cooling" and preferred to call it a time of "gyrations." That means extremes -- and wild fluctuations, including violent weather. We'll hold to that. There has certainly been warm weather of late: June was the hottest on global record, and 2010 is on course for the warmest year. During the 1990s, there was one warm year after another, with ocean temperatures that matched -- undeniable shifts. But there also have been some upsurges (albeit to a lesser extent) of cold weather. We may recall last fall and winter, when temperatures were so low that those who oppose the idea of global warming cited it as evidence of now a cooling trend (as it may have been, for that period). But: "You know things are bad when the National Weather Service issues an 'Excessive Heat Warning' ... for the Mojave Desert," says a late-breaking report from California.

At any rate, we are in a trend of contrasts and gyration. While Washington, D.C. and New York report record-breaking temperatures (of over 100, with wilting heat indices), parts of the West Coast had record low temperatures a week ago and right now, in South America, folks are shivering. "Nine people have died from hypothermia during an especially cold snap that has blanketed Argentina, even in the north, with unusual snowfall in recent days, a non-governmental group said Sunday. According to the national meteorological service, frigid polar air has dumped temperatures as low as -14 C in the central region, and around freezing in the usually balmy north," reports a newspaper about Argentina, which that very same week had legalized gay marriage.

To dispute the upper curve is to dispute the thermometer. But it is equally wrong to attribute everything to known forces, natural or man-made. We are in a time of warnings. The climate and weather are gyrating as they did during the Middle Ages, when global warming suddenly switched into global cooling before the great bubonic plague.

We have extensively detailed this in Sent To Earth and Tower of Light -- the latter focusing on genetic manipulation and abuse of God's Creation as among the reasons for chastisement (along with general immorality, materialistic extravagance, and sins like abortion). It was on the very morning of 9/11 that the boldest headline on the front page of The New York Times (datelined the day before) had to do with a demand from scientists for embryonic cloning (to harvest stem cells).

Have we learned nothing?

In the headlines now: the spread of genetically-modified seed and (look here) animals:

"Unless you live in Europe, your last meal probably contained genetically modified ingredients -- eighty per cent of soy grown worldwide is now genetically engineered, for instance," reports New Scientist Magazine. It goes on to say that researchers are developing far more precise means of altering animals for future use.

Soon, man-made animals may be as prevalent as the man-made (or altered) crops. We are usurping God's role as Creator.

"The first genetically modified pet to go on sale was a medaka, or rice fish, with a green fluorescent jellyfish gene, launched in Taiwan in 2003," notes the magazine. "It was swiftly followed by the GloFish, a zebrafish with fluorescent genes from jellyfish or corals that has become a popular aquarium fish in the U.S. and parts of Asia, with green, red and yellow versions available and more on the way. Like the medaka, it was a spin-off from scientific research. It is not approved in Australia, Canada, California or Europe, though there have been illegal imports. If released into the wild, it would only have a chance of surviving in tropical regions. Several years ago, there was talk of genetically engineering cats and dogs that people would not be allergic to. That never happened, but new methods would make knocking out the relevant genes much easier if attempted today."

In Russia, goats there are producing 'human' milk.

In South Korea, it's pigs and dogs that glow under a black light (due to the insertion of a bioluminescent enzyme from fireflies that scientists, tongue in cheek, with a nod to the "light-bearer," have dubbed "luciferase").

We have now cloned dogs, cats, pigs, horses, cows, carp, camels, ferrets, tadpoles, fruit flies, mules, rats, rabbits, monkeys, buffalo, wolves, deer, goats, sheep, and other animals. We are poised to alter many more -- nature itself, Creation.

And so, expect God to speak more through weather and other aspects of the natural world (along with simply leaving us, as in the Gulf, to our own devices).

Gyrations? They are here to stay. Our society? It will slowly continue to melt down, and as it does, there will be many disturbances in many places for a prolonged time for which we should prepare while appreciating the Lord's right purification.

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[photo above: lightning over Greece, by Chris Kotsiopoulos]

[Said Bishop Martin de Elizalde of Nueve de Julio of the vote in Argentina to legalize homosexual marriage: “We must maintain our appreciation and adherence to the family as God has willed it and as it was established in the natural order."]

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