Sent  to Earth: A Gripping Interview with Michael Brown by Focus Worldwide Network
In this interview with renowned TV interviewer Mary Lou McCall, Michael says we are racing blindly towards the types of disasters that swept and changed, that terrified, the ancient world, and he warns that without an urgent turn back to Christ, such events are now set to return. There are video clips you'll never forget. After viewing it, you too will agree that we have strayed and that God is about to put us to the test. CLICK HERE


By Michael H. Brown

It happened on U.S. soil -- not in Italy, not on some remote Caribbean island. On Sunday we got word that a firm in Worcester, Massachusetts, created the first cloned human embryo (or at least the first publicly announced) in an action that can only be described as in contravention of the true Creator. 

This is extremely serious business -- more serious than war, more serious than terrorists -- and will have repercussions. Last August, when the federal government decided to allow limited research into human stem cells, we warned that the door to cloning had creaked open and that scientists would now try to barge through it. We had no idea that they would burst through with such an explosion. We had also warned that the stem-cell decision would be met by chastisement. Less than a month later was September 11.

Indeed, there were headlines on the very morning of the attack on how researchers were demanding greater freedom to create embryos. "Scientists Urge Bigger Supply Of Stem Cells; Report Backs Cloning to Create New Lines," said The New York Times on September 11 just miles from what in a few minutes was to become known as "ground zero." And now we have actually done it -- or at least the firm in Worcester, Advanced Cell Technologies, has done it -- has snuck it in during the diversion of Osama Bin Laden -- and there is great danger. This will bring events. This is directly challenging the authority of God.

In 1990 there was a prophecy that in four years (by 1994) mankind would be faced with a "great new evil," an evil that seemed to have beneficial effects, and that how we responded to this new evil would determine the extent of a chastisement. 

We note not only that breakthroughs were made in cloning technology precisely four years after the 1990 prophecy but also that Advanced Cell Technology was created in 1994!

A "coincidence" it is that we have traveled through the Worcester area twice in the past three weeks, warning of abortion and cloning and the effects they will bring.

Those who argue that folks should not issue warnings because they may "scare" people might want to consider that this country may need to be scared -- that it may need more than the see-no-evil feelgood attitude that has brought it to the brink of disaster. Apparently, America has not been scared enough. Since September 11, it has failed to look inwardly; it has gone back to business as usual; indeed, since September 11, in the U.S., more than 270,000 babies have been killed through abortion. 

That's dozens of times as many as died at the World Trade Center. In fact every day we abort about as many as died on September 11, including by way of late-term techniques.

Yes, we need to root out the evil of terrorists; we need to root out Osama Bin Laden; but even more urgent is to root out the evil in ourselves.

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