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Is it our imaginations, or is it a little "crazy" out there?

It was a question posed by a viewer from Oklahoma.

"This may be no news to you, but in my neck of the woods there is so much confusion and chaos going on," said Ellen Wiegert of Pawhuska. "I am a pharmacist and we are having all kinds of problems with people: employees, patients just being angry, agitated, unkind, and so forth.

"A friend who owns a pawn shop is having the same problems. My son-in-law who is a police chief is having the same problems. The local mental health provider said they've had the most bizarre last two months ever. Just wanted to give you a heads-up. Satan just seems to be prowling. I was spreading blessed salt everywhere tonight."

And praying. There is no place for fear. Never make a decision based on fear. It will be the wrong one. Stay focused.

Are we praying through our towns?

For it is a strange, challenging time -- which calls us to that Higher Power.

With God, in the Name of His crucified Son, we can conquer even this rise of great tumult.

Turmoil, turmoil, turmoil, was the heading of another item. It is a time of disorientation in our society. Are you experiencing this?

At times, it does seem like there is quite a bit of rudeness. Folks are tending to be withdrawn and self-possessed. Those are the reports -- along with bizarre behavior (which we can observe by simply turning on the television). 

Accounts come to us from mailbag.

So does this alleged message from the Lord (to a woman who had a near-death brush), who says she was told that "humility is becoming harder and harder to find," even in His churches. He is calling us to be chaste. He wants us to wear clothes that do not flaunt our selves. Clothing exposes the state of the soul. "Jesus shows me that He desires women to be more like His mother," says this gifted woman from Michigan. "That she is so beautiful because she is a model of humility and that humility was personified in her clothing, drawing no attention, yet pointing to the nobility in her character."

Note that Mary is able to enter our realm untouched by any force of evil -- even at such a time! She can arrive in the midst of anything (or anyone). Her holiness is her shield.

With humility, and modesty, we also have that "bubble" of protection.

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