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God never wanted storms. He did not want disruption in our lives. It is the result of a "broken universe," from the time of Adam and Eve, a priest reminded us over the weekend. Perhaps we can say that the universe is an "upset creation," one in need of fixing -- and that with His Light we can share in the work of fixing it (only through His Light). Otherwise, the word we get here is of a coming disruption in the natural order. Your interpretation of that is as good as ours.

The frenzy is out there. What do we see with storms? It can be noted that the hurricanes have been striking with special intensity at Haiti, the New Orleans area, and Cuba -- all three hotspots for voodoo. In Galveston -- which once held a Mardi Gras called "Beezlebub and the Devils" -- it can also be noted the major damage first reported was to a landmark structure that was once an illegal beachside speakeasy, plus to a Hooter's Restaurant and other such establishments -- which were erased from the shoreline. Yet it rains on the good and not-so-good alike. Incredible is how the storms have been nearly going out of their way to avoid Key West (where there is a grotto dedicated to Mary's protection specifically against such cyclones). Let us also note that prayer kept the "Ike" storm from being the catastrophe it was forecast to be. Praise God!

Thank you, Blessed Mother. 

But it is getting yet stormier out there. See floods in Chicago. See the darkness in Houston. And now Cincinnati. Some say Ohio is a refuge. No one can be sure, we see now. We must turn heavenward; that is the only sure refuge. To the roughly 20,000 people who remained in Galveston, the mayor said simply -- stunningly -- "Please leave. The city is in ruins." Think of that remark. Searchers described the west side of that island in terms of an "apocalypse."

As many have pointed out, radar images of "Ike" alternately showed a red core that seemed shaped like an unborn child or when it circulated around looked like the number "six." There have also been sinister-like silhouettes in photos of recent wildfires. Some seem beyond simply inference (or "pareidolia").

"Your headline story of September 13 on Hurricane Ike shows a satellite photo of the hurricane," was a typical e-mail we received last weekend. "This image of the hurricane looks eerily like a fetus in the womb. Everyone I showed this to and asked what it looked like gave the same answer. Coincidence? Isn't Houston the site of a Planned Parenthood that is planning on expanding into a six-story facility, what has been described by Houston Coalition for Life as 'the largest center of late-term abortions in the Western Hemisphere'? 

An irony was noted when the very first announcement via e-mail of landfall came from the National Hurricane Center at 3:11 a.m. (two numbers that some think bear curiosity).

What goes on here? Now a cyclone on Wall Street -- on the weekend when the Pope -- from France -- was pronouncing greed and materialism as every bit as pagan as what stood as idols in ancient Rome (or we might add Egypt).

In the frenzy, it is time to more directly invoke the Holy Spirit, Who will not only tell us the meaning or lack thereof in what occurs but also how to prepare for the time of disruption ahead. With Him, there is no fear -- rather, the cleansing of purification.

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