A Day of Infamy

by Michael H. Brown

       A sad day this is in the history of America. The decision to allow RU-486, a pill that causes abortion, will now open a floodgate. There will be a price to pay. We will see it all around. We already have. Since 1989, when another major abortion decision was made, we have witnessed seven of America's top ten all-time greatest disasters, even adjusting to change on money value. The Los Angeles earthquake. The Mississippi flood. The "storms of the century."

       We will see more. I write about this in a new book that, God-willing (and pleading your prayers), will be coming out soon. When blood is spilled into the soil (see Genesis 4:10), it crieth out for the justice of God.

       And however merciful He is, His justice will come.

       It is why Spirit Daily brings daily news of natural disasters. Throughout both testaments of the Bible are accounts of God chastising men with thunder, fire, earthquakes, roaring seas, trembling mountains, plagues, signs in the sky, drought, and of course flood. Even a hurricane (Nahum 1:3) is mentioned in holy Scripture.

       We will see the same. Back in 1990 I was privy to a revelation that said in four years men would be faced with a decision that would determine chastisement. It was 1994, four years later, that the first decision was made to bring this horrid pill to the U.S. Now we have seen final approval. And in that revelation it said there would be chastisements in various regions, a breakdown of society, as a result. 


       And also cloning! 

       We are committing the crime of Lucifer -- trying to ascend to the Throne -- and like him will be cast back to the earth.

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