Unpublished Manuscript on Purgatory
Revelations from a deceased nun in the 18th century to a living nun about purgatory -- what's it's like, its levels and sufferings, astonishing and credible detail. Imprimatur. Highly, highly recommended, one of the most interesting revelations in the history of mysticism. CLICK HERE

'With revelation of the secrets entrusted to them by Our Lady, life in the world will be changed'

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"Children, evening is setting upon the world, and the night will be much harder, but I will bring you My glory," says an alleged locution from Jesus to seer Pachi Talbott Borrero of Ecuador -- a locution that was just approved for distribution by the bishop in her home diocese of Cuenca.

However fashionable it is to put a "feelgood" spin on events, it is important to face the truth and the truth is that what happened on September 11 was a foretaste of the kind of societal breakdown that looms without mass conversion, and without a return to the basics. 

God allows events to purify, humble, and simplify. That's what is starting up now. Our society has become way too complicated and so now will come many situations (not just terrorism) that will dismantle what is unnecessary, what is out of accordance with God's plan. On September 11 we saw how one event in a very limited part of a single city caused an entire nation to grind to a halt. There was no air travel. There was no room on the trains. The phones were jammed.

Such events, in various forms, are bound to continue. It is God's way of advancing us spiritually. There will be lulls, but events will continue to simplify our infrastructure and expose our artificiality. "Many inventions of mankind will be broken down and there will be more of a peasant attitude and way of life everywhere," said what we have called the "1990 prophecy" (which appears to have correctly predicted cloning and foresaw the recent spate of regional disasters). "The very artifice of your societies is false and against the accordance of God's will. This artifice shall not last. Your very conceptions of happiness and comforts are a great evil and falsity. They will not stand."

These sound like radical words, but the truth is that we are not simple enough. We are certainly far too proud. Note the way the world was when Jesus came -- and  the type of places where His mother has appeared. Many of the sites have been remote peasant hamlets where there was family farming, cloth was made from natural fiber, and the food bore no synthetics. That was true at Lourdes, Fatima, and now Medjugorje (which, when the Virgin first appeared in 1981, had no running water).

Certain advances, perhaps, are in God's plan, but our societies have gone too far and have turned the inventions into idols and science into a religion. Somehow the world God created is no longer good enough. We must re-create it! We are even meddling with the genetic makeup of animals! This will not continue forever. Referring to the seers, one priest from Medjugorje, Father Tomislav Vlasic, put it this way. "With revelation of the secrets entrusted to them by Our Lady," he once said, "life in the world will be changed; people will believe as in ancient times."  

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