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A well-known deliverance minister once gave a talk about how we have absolutely nothing to fear when it comes to the devil and evil spirits -- unless we have provided "access."

He used the metaphor of vultures.

Vultures (or "turkey hawks," as they're known where we live) feed, of course, on what is decaying and dead. You have seen them up in the sky. They circle and circle on the thermals and circle lower when they see a wounded or dead animal below, on the ground, at roadside, in a forest, swooping down to devour the carrion. Carrion is dead flesh.

Demons are the same way. They look for what is "dead" or dying or decayed in our spirits.

This is their "entry." They then yak at us; they discourage, they torment, they cause despair, they cause obsession -- anything compulsive.

The Cross comes against the flesh. With words of praise, and casting out -- and ridding the inner uncleanness -- we expel demons.

Jesus warned about "dead man's bones." "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!" He said in Matthew 23:27. "For you are like whitewashed tombs, which outwardly appear beautiful, but within are full of dead people’s bones and all uncleanness." Like swine, evil spirits live in what is filthy, what is stained, what is dead within.

Do we have dead bones -- sin, worldliness, bitterness, fear -- inside of us? Is there carrion? What may be attracting evil? Ask the Holy Spirit and He will provide a list!

Another preacher used the example of a skunk that used to rummage in his trash cans at the front of his house. He tried everything to scare it away, but the skunk relentlessly returned as long as there was trash. The only solution was getting rid of the garbage, as it is also a solution for us when someway, somehow -- despite Mass, despite praying, despite living by the rules -- we remain vulnerable to the enemy.

Confession initiates the cleansing. What is garbage within indicates too what would be purged in purgatory, if we died at that moment.

It is a time of year when we think quite a bit of both purgatory and spiritual warfare, and that does not mean only warfare that is waged in the culture but also the warfare waged within ourselves. The devil's greatest battleground is the battleground of the mind. To win, we must control our thoughts. Otherwise, we are open to the nemesis. We're afflicted.

There are those points of entry. "A curse without cause cannot alight" (Proverbs 26:2).

What garbage do you harbor? Is there still lust? Is there still unforgiveness? Is there hatred? Is there dislike? Is there fear? Is there envy? Is there materialism? Is there lying (any form of falsity)? Is there -- particularly -- pride? The devil is the prince of pride! Is there gluttony or any form of addiction?

Here the cardinal sins as taught by our Church are a good guide as to what needs "throwing out." Start inside before concentrating on the hedge of protection on the outside. That will come automatically.

Cleanliness forms of bubble of protection, closes access points, and -- with that clean smell -- repels the enemy (who also lurks as a rodent).

What thoughts does he plant in you? Which way might he have skewed your perception? Are you angry over things you may be imagining? (He loves to plant false notions.) He is attracted by fear or frenzy or anger.

Oh, from time to time, we all get attacked. That will occur as long as we're on this battleground called earth. But purging what is dead inside will greatly lessen the enemy's ability to oppress and distress and repress and obsess (or even possess).

With discipline, we are in full possession of ourselves.

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