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Is your water clean? Are the "living waters" (of Heaven) flowing through you?

This is a crucial question -- quite critical! For too many who believe they are doing all the "right things" and have the right devotions and religious routines and even serve in the church or in some form of ministry fail to use those routines to cleanse internally, to cast out darkness, to purify what has defiled and lessened us.

As a result, there is less inspiration; there's no healing; the same problems recur without end.

Such folks need -- as one author puts it -- to "break open their wells"!

For as Scripture says there are the living waters of Heaven and those who have near-death experiences likewise report they saw pure crystalline ponds or rivers or channels on beds of gold or lakes, in some cases a "sea of fountains," flowing with the miraculous power of the Holy Spirit, which cleanses, which makes whole, which turns all white -- every drop creating its own tone and melody intermingling with the angelic sounds all around.

We tap into those waters when we praise God, when we are in true worship, when we are at Adoration in the most profound way, when our hearts are in the Rosary; when, if we are charismatic, we speak in tongues.

We all need this from time to time.

Our waters are sullied by:

Pride. Criticality. Not forgiving. Materialism. Wanton lust. Jealousy (especially this!). Anger. Telling falsehoods. (Living falsehoods.) As the author, Maria Vadia, says, the enemy tries to plug up our wells with the "cement" of self-pity, depression, despair, resentment, and other negative emotions.

This is spiritual pollution -- and it slows us, even stops us, from reaching our destinies. It kills what is planted within us.

We all have "destinies." We all have missions in life. Are we meeting them? Are we fulfilling a purpose?

When we encounter folks, are we doing and saying and feeling the right thing?

We'll find out one day.

The Almighty Father puts great souls at all stations of life. A great soul may be placed in a role of a leader, or a speaker, or a teacher, or a janitor. We all have destinies and as Vadia points out, "So many people, even in the Church, look good on the outside, but their 'water is bad' and their lives are unfruitful! On the inside they're wounded, carrying pain and bitterness from the past; their shame has them bound and they can't rise up and enter into their destinies. Their bitterness defiles those around them" (Hebrews 12:15). Vadia cites the example of a woman she met who was beautiful and nicely dressed, but had encountered such internal turmoil that she had once tried to commit suicide and even thought about killing her two daughters, during a fit of depression.

That is certainly an extreme example of "unfruitful"! It is an example of inner filth. Or, the water had turned to ice. She had been blocked on her way to her destiny.

We all have Divine appointments. We have little missions in the big mission. We have people who are set before us to help -- perhaps like the woman just mentioned.

We can do so by praying for the right words.

We can do so by letting the "living waters" -- cleanliness, joy in God -- flow through us.

Those wellsprings release healing; they release life. In this way do we rise to our destinies.

Especially at this time of year (12/14/13) do we have the opportunity -- and often challenge -- of communicating with relatives up close and personal and releasing God's blessings upon them. We may be nervous about a certain circumstance. We may be driven to let them know something. We may want to help in some way but are at a loss for the right words. Let them come from the heart -- from the Spirit -- instead of as a contrivance of the head. "Do not be anxious how you are to speak or what you are to say; for what you are to say will be given to you at that hour; for it is not you who speaks, but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you" (Matthew 10:19-20). Maria goes on at length about this in her anointed book, Break Open Your Wells! "Conduct yourselves wisely toward outsiders, making the most of the time. Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer everyone," says Colossians 4:5-6.

Maria also tells the account of her brother, a doctor, and a woman who went to him because she was unable to move or straighten out her fingers. They were "frozen." The Lord gave him a word of knowledge that she needed to forgive her husband. He told her this and when she did -- when she forgave -- the pain and paralysis, the ice, immediately vanished.

This was a "good Catholic" woman but one who had never taken the time to cleanse.

We are "living wells" that release life, hope, and joy to the lost (to the world, as the song says). Words can carry the water of Heaven.

The more we use His gifts -- the more we release -- the more flows through us!

We have Divine appointments -- people who are set in our paths to be saved, healed, and delivered.

"He has equipped us with every gift that we need in order to reach out to others," says Maria, who hails from South Florida but travels the world as a Catholic lay evangelist.

People are placed in our paths at stores, in school, at work, in shopping malls and airports. It is a key theme of Pope Francis.

What a mission it is to pray for every single person in our vicinity!

Start with the shopping mall. Or the airport. The highway. Where you work.

This opens the "wells."

This leads to new gifts.

And -- in bringing purity -- it brings us closer to Heaven.

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