From the mailbag: unconfirmed report that second Medjugorje seer made reference to 'big days' coming

       For the second time in as many weeks, there are reports that a seer from the famous site of Medjugorje in former Yugoslavia, where six visionaries have been given secret prophecies, has made remarks that may pertain to future events. At this point they are only that: unconfirmed reports. According to correspondents who attended one of his talks in Massachusetts earlier this week, Ivan Dragicevic alluded to "big days" that are coming and made reference to the hope of healing -- which some took to be connected with a supernatural event in one of the secrets involving a great sign. If this is true -- and we're currently checking it out -- it would dovetail with remarks made by seer Vicka Ivankovic to Spirit Daily about part of Our Lady's plan about to "unfold" (though what part of the plan -- and whether it has anything to do with secrets -- is unknown). However, Ivan said nothing of "soon" and at this point we have to emphasize the unconfirmed nature of the report. We have received it, however, from two sources who have been reliable in the past.

       Here's one report we received and are checking out:

From the mailbag (unedited):

Ivan's talk from Last Night and Apparition with our very own Blessed Mother of God! (12-5- 00)

Last night at Saint John the Evangelist's Church in Quincy, Massachusetts we had a 15 decade rosary which paused at 6:40 pm EST for an apparition with the Mother of God via Ivan of Medjugorje. There were over 500 people in attendance. I was given the grace to have been an eyewitness to a bright light on the wall behind the altar at the precise moment Our Lady was departing. It was an awesome night! Following the rosary we had the benediction and adoration of the Most Holy Sacrament and an awesome Mass. After the Mass Ivan gave a speech which lasted a little over an hour. The entire evening lasted three hours with the rosary beginning at 6:00 pm. Our Lady was accompanied by three angels and Ivan also said the following message. I copied this down verbatim via my audio recorder. Here goes:

"When she comes, she usually proceeds with enormous light. When she comes I no longer see any of you, in everything that is in front of me. Tonight she came very happy. She came with the presence of angels. She came and greeted us with the words ‘Praise be Jesus my dear children!' For a while she hovered over us, with extended hands she prayed over us. With her motherly love she was blessing us. And she was blessing everything that we have brought with us this evening."

Then Ivan recommended all of our needs, all of our desires and intentions. In a special way, Ivan recommended the sick. Then after that Our Lady said "Dear children, I would like in a special way to call all of you to begin to pray with your own families. Pray dear children that the big days which are approaching, there will be a spiritual healing to take place. Dear children, thank you for having responded to My call." 

Ivan says they finish their visit by saying the Our Father and Glory Be and then the light diminishes until it is totally disappeared. She fades away in the form of a cross made of light. Her last words are "Go in peace my dear children."

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