St. Michael and the Angels  (compiled from approved sources)
Beautiful and inspiring book about the angels, full of stories from the Saints. Discusses St. Michael in detail; give their nature and role, the need for devotion to them and their relationship to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Many prayers to the angels.  CLICK HERE


By Michael H. Brown

Lord, keep us from evil!

When we go to God and ask Him from our hearts to divorce us from evil -- all evil -- that's exactly what He does.

You know how it it: your day will be going along fine, and then suddenly there's a fiery dart (and then another) from the devil. Little things go wrong and soon they develop into big things. People say things that are hurtful. We worry or even feel ill. We feel a vacancy. There are flashpoints.

These are often attacks from the devil but with faith we can fill that vacancy and snuff those fiery darts out.

Believe that God will relieve you, and guess what: He will (as long as we're avoiding sinfulness)!

It's right there in Ephesians (6:16). It's also in the plea of Jabez (1 Chronicles 4:9-10). Faith is our helmet, Scripture tells us; the Father should be asked to deliver us from evil.

Not just from a little evil. Not just from one evil. From all evil.

Pray big.

And praying big means praying with faith. The key word is trust. When we reach to God, when we speak to Him with our hearts, when we truly believe He will act, He is quick to remove us from evil. No matter what evil is in our lives, with trust, purity, and grace we can completely distance ourselves. If there is an attack in your life, first look to see if sin is drawing in that attack and after purging it reach for the Lord, implore Him -- know that He's there. 

No matter how dark times seem, no matter how tough Satan may appear, God is vastly -- infinitely -- more powerful. When we ask Him to prevent the devil's access to us, He honors that; He separates us; He takes us above all clouds.

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