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Wafer Worship? No Longer Needed? A Waste of Time? Consider This!

By Jan Reagor

The telephone rang on a Saturday morning. "Hello", I answered.

"Hel-hello, is this the lady Father Dan(name change) told me about?"
Father Dan is a devout priest in his late 70's, who has a parish in a nearby town. He still answers his call to the priesthood, by running a parish, visiting the jail, offering Mass and supplying rosaries. He supports efforts to end abortion, and has Adoration several days a week. Often when I drive to that town, I stop and pray in front of the Blessed Sacrament.
"Well," I responded, "tell me what Father Dan told you and weíll see if Iím the lady." "He said you know how to help people that have bad spirits."

"Yes, "thatís me, how can I help you?"

Tony (name change) responded, "I just got out of jail, and Iím having nightmares, things are bothering me at night and in the daytime. I need help!"

"I can see you on Monday."

"Oh, please, canít you see me today?"

I asked my husband prayer-partner, and he agreed we could meet him at the ministry office at 3 P.M."
When we arrived at 2:45, Tony was waiting at the entrance. He was nervous, anxious, he didnít know what to expect. He had watched the movie, The Exorcist, and thought he would be going into contortions.

"No, I explained, that movie was Ďhollywoodizedí, and has frightened more people who needed help." Even though he was frightened, he was more frightened of what was tormenting him.
After praying our prayer of protection and binding the spirits, I got a history of his past. This guides us in our quest of bringing healing and deliverance to those we help.
Tony was one of twelve children. In his early teens he felt neglected and unloved by his mother, who was so busy trying to keep up with all of her family members, he was unable to receive the nurture he needed. As many children in this situation do, he subconsciously started rebelling, and turned to his peers, who were dabbling in the occult.

In his anger, he decided to do just what his mother and the teachers in the Catholic school taught them not to do! He would show them. He soon became the leader of the coven, trying to put spells on people, flirting with Satan, and using the Ouija board.

Then one day the five member coven became bold, and invited Satan to appear in the garage where they were meeting. Taking the teens up on the invitation, Satan allegedly appeared. He was ugly and smelled of sulfur. The boys screamed and ran away, leaving Tony there. He quickly ran from the garage and went home. Did the devil actually materialize?
At any rate, Satan was now rooted in by invitation. Everywhere Tony went he would see Satanís face, smiling at him. He saw him in high school, in the military, in his failed marriage, and as a police officer, and in his drug addiction. All five of the boys have had similar failures in life. Tony eventually wound up in jail, and then met Father Dan.
Knowing the importance of healing and deliverance together, I explained to Tony that it will take several healing sessions to help him, and that we needed a commitment from him to go through the process. He was determined to do this and wanted to be set free. So we bound spirits in him, and gave him the prayer of protection, instructing him to pray it often throughout the days ahead. "When we have so much spiritual work to do," we explained, "it is important to attend Mass more than just on Sunday." He agreed.
To observe him more, I attended his church on Monday morning.

There he sat, with his arms hanging over the back of the pew, talking on his cell phone, looking around like he was in a museum rather than a church to worship Jesus. He was so indifferent, putting in his time, to get free of unwanted spirits, but not wanting to change his life.
I began a regimen of prayer for him. On Monday we began his healing sessions and he came into the understanding his mother was doing the best she could, and forgave her for not having the needed energy and time for him when he was younger.

His spirits of unforgiveness and resentment left.

He started to feel better, so I invited him to ride to the nearby town with me on Tuesday night to pray before the blessed sacrament in Adoration. "Whatever"í he said, "Iíll do whatever you recommend."
"This is holy ground," I explained to Tony as we walked into the church. "Jesus is present on the altar, so we will be respectful, and bow to the King." We sat directly across the aisle from each other, myself kneeling, Tony sitting with his arms dangling over the back of the pews. I began to pray.
Suddenly he jumped up and ran out of the church! "Hummmn," I thought, "should I go after him? Maybe this will be the last Iíll see of him. What should I do, Lord?" "Wait and see," it felt like the Lord told me.

So I kept praying.

Shortly I heard the door open, and Tony came walking down the aisle, and sat back down. I just kept praying. I was so grateful we were the only ones there. For Tony jumped and ran out of the church, came back, ran out-came back. Finally he sat by the door, so he could get out easily.

He kept this up for six or seven times. After about the fourth, he began to kneel to pray, and started showing reverence in place of indifference. A change was starting in him.
After about one and a half hours of prayer, we left. In a bewildered voice, he asked me what was happening to him in there. "Why were your running in and out?" I asked.

"Each time I came in the church, my mouth filled up with phlegm, and I felt nauseous. So I ran outside to empty my mouth."

"Oh, you were manifesting spirits," I said.

"Whatís that?" he said still confused.

"Well, spirits enter us through our eyes, in viewing pornography, our ears listening to unclean language and movies, our mouths in speaking unclean words and using drugs. They Ďnestí around the cavities of our stomachs, and are expelled through our mouth. That is called manifesting. There are so many layers in you, they were getting stirred up, manifesting in phlegm and leaving."

"But why were they leaving? You werenít casting them out."
"Because of the Presence of Jesus on the altar," I explained. "They are afraid of Jesus since He has authority and power over them."
"So those things they taught us in Catholic school about Jesus and the devil are true!?! " he stated questioningly. "Yes, Tony, Jesus is real, and He came to set the captives free, and He has begun to set you free."
We continued his healing sessions for about six months. I could see the transformation happening in him. Father Dan joined us for the final session, when we confronted Satan. It took the power of the priesthood to get him out of Tony. As we prayed with Tony, and commanded the spirit to leave, it spoke through him and said " Fó you, heís mine, he gave himself to me, and Iím not leaving." "Oh, yes you are, he confessed and repented and accepted Jesus as his savior, now your power is broken in the Name of Jesus Christ, leave this son of God!" And he left. Praise Jesus!
I wish I could report more good progress for Tony, but unfortunately he lost his life struggle with drugs. But the important part is he came back to Jesus and was forgiven. Thatís more than many unfortunate people get to experience.
But what about Adoration?

I feel compassion for those individuals who have not experienced the real presence of Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist, and hope someday their eyes will be opened and they will become free of the spirit of doubt!
As for Adoration and myself, I say....Blessed Be God; Blessed Be God and His saints and angels......

[Jan Reagor is a Catholic lay deliverance expert in Montana and can be reached through e-mail here]

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