The Amazing Secrets of the Souls in Purgatory 
Sister Emmanuel, a nun from Medjugorje, interviews Maria Simma, an alleged mystic who has the charism of being able to see and talk to the souls in Purgatory. Answers questions like: Who decides if a soul goes to Purgatory? How do we get a soul released from Purgatory? How can we avoid Purgatory? What are the sins that most lead to purgatory? and much moreCLICK HERE



Above is a photo that was taken in a chapel at the National Shrine of Kateri Tekakwitha in Fonda, New York. At the left is the ghost-like image of what appears to be a woman praying. It shows her from the waist up. Some think it is Kateri herself, others a nun or devout woman. It was found in a vault at the shrine and dates to 1952. It was sent to us from a follower of Kateri's. Was it a simple case of double exposure? It startled whoever took it enough to hand it over to the priests, who put it away for safe-keeping. While we don't have the photographic expertise to declare it as supernatural, we submit it for your review. At one time, we're told, the photo was circulated within the Franciscan Order. At Medjugorje it was said that the souls of the departed are occasionally allowed to manifest in order to remind us of their existence (and, often, their need for prayers, especially Christmas Day). That might be the case here, or it might be photographic time-exposure, or for all we know it's Kateri. She was the 17-century Mohawk woman who converted to Catholicism and had a deep devotion to Mary. Healings have also been claimed at the shrine, which reopens next May. The cures often seemed connected to a spring there. [click here for directions]. 

Kateri's background

Prayer for Kateri's canonization


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