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Somehow, in the flood of "revelations," locutions, and apparitions during the past two decades, these we are about to review seem to have been missed in the crowd.

They were fascinating messages. They often pertained to priests. They were accompanied by suffering and phenomena (alleged). Actually, they occurred years before, but the seer died in 1985 -- at the onset of the recent apparition upsurge.

Most notably, and perhaps incredibly: the apparitions had the backing of a Cardinal, Péter Erdö [right] -- the primate of Hungary (also president of the Council of Episcopal Conference in Europe) -- and at least six Latin American bishops.

We speak here of Elizabeth Kindelmann -- a "victim soul" from Budapest who received years of what are now called the "Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary" messages -- some with dramatic portents of the future.

Are the revelations real?

How did they remain so obscure?

And of course: what did they say.

Let's investigate. They make for a classic study in reputed heavenly messages.

They began three days before the feast of Mount Carmel on July 13, 1960, when Elizabeth had what she described in her diary as "a wonderful spiritual illumination, which lasted three days from morning to night."

She was in her fifties when, soon after the "illumination" (which left her with a nonverbal sensation), Jesus and Mary purportedly began to speak to her.

So she states in this diary that received the Cardinal's imprimatur, along with that of her local ordinary -- unusually strong approvals from a Church that's famously cautious in accepting such extraordinary claims.

"Renounce yourself, for we have a great mission for you," was the specific call that Elizabeth heard. "You'll only be able to do it if you completely renounce yourself. You are free to choose. You will accomplish it only if you want."

"Take this Flame... It's the Flame of Love of my love," said the Blessed Mother. "Ignite your own heart with it and pass it on to others!"

"This Flame full of blessings springing from my Immaculate Heart and that I am giving you must go from heart to heart," added Mary, allegedly. "It will be the Great Miracle of light blinding Satan. It is the fire of love and concord. I obtained this grace on your behalf from the Eternal Father by virtue of the five Blessed Wounds of my Divine Son."

It was the contention of this Hungarian mystic that the Lord told her whoever fasts on Mondays "with bread and water while referring to the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary delivers the soul of a priest from purgatory. Also, he who follows that prescription will receive the grace, during the octave following of his death, to be delivered from purgatory by My mother."

They are remarkable claims and discernment must be used for each. Remarkable also was Elizabeth's life: Born in 1913, to a Protestant father and a Catholic mother, she had twelve brothers and sisters, all twins but for her -- and she was the only one to reach adulthood!

Her life was an incredible struggle through a labyrinth of ill health and poverty -- often working as a maid and able to afford but one meal a day.

It was in middle age that she became a seer and mystic (for there also seemed to be stigmata), and her messages often focus on devotion -- and fighting the devil. When a person attends a Holy Mass that is not part of the formal obligation that participation -- she was told by Mary -- that person "radiates to such a degree that, during that time, Satan is blinded and the plenitude of my graces is transmitted to the soul for which you offer the Holy Mass." Satan, she was told, "foams with rage, and still carries out an even more bitter fight with his usual torments, since he feels the impending coming of his blindness!"

These and other messages and well as the approvals and a short background are included in booklets dispensed by The Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, which has a website and from which we hope to obtain booklets for distribution in the U.S. Quietly, that mission has now led to a "Flame of Love" movement that has spread through several countries in Latin America, the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, and Asia as a non-profit organization seeking the "salvation of souls" (in the words of Father Gabriel Róna, S.J., who has devoted his energies to the translation of Elizabeth's documents.)

Among other of the messages:

During Adoration, Elizabeth once said that she was told if there is a spirit of atonement during that visit to the Blessed Sacrament, the devil loses his power for as long as that Adoration lasts. What a promise! That message was on November 7, 1962 (and perhaps explains why parishes with Adoration have often escaped scandal). The Blessed Mother also allegedly requested vigils for souls in purgatory and said that every time three Hail Marys are recited in her honor by calling upon the Flame of Love, a soul is released from purgatory -- and many more during the month of November.

When priests fast on Mondays, "innumerable souls" are delivered during Consecration, the Blessed Mother told Elizabeth.

"Timid and passive" clerics, the Lord Jesus allegedly told this seer, must abandon their reserve. "They must not remain idle, nor keep people away from the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of My mother," were His reputed words. The Church, He warned (on January 1, 1981), was in "great danger." Prayer groups were needed in every parish, added Mary in 1981 -- the year that apparitions in another Communist nation -- Yugoslavia -- were to begin (sparking thousands of prayer groups around the world).

What is the Flame of Love, Elizabeth once asked?

"My mother's Flame of Love is for you what Noah's Ark was for Noah!"

Added the Virgin: "The Flame of Love of My Immaculate Heart is Jesus Christ Himself."

"There are many who repeat time and again: 'Sorrowful Mother!' But they do not think that I am suffering now also, and not only on the Way of the Cross of my Divine Son," the Blessed Mother complained.

That left Elizabeth in anguish. She felt the nearly uncontrollable desire to blind Satan as soon as possible. But how?

That was when Jesus again came to her.

"Scrutinize My Eyes," he said, "whose gaze blinds Satan!"

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