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Kindness is a spark that reflects Godís Light, while hate engulfs us in an actual darkness.

When weíre kind, joy begins to creep into our being, and then to pervade it. Our bodies and emotions are both healthier. This spring -- this Lent -- ask the Holy Spirit to search the depths of your soul and guide you as to what needs to be cleared out. You may be surprised at what He says!

You also may be surprised -- once you cast out wrong emotions -- at how free and balanced you'll feel (if you keep casting the debris out). It's important to have "balance," which also means to have ease. We must be easy (not stiff). When we are ill at ease, we can become ill. There is hardness. There is dis-ease.

Life on earth is about seeking balance in every dimension. When we start with spiritual balance, emotional and physical equilibrium follow.

That means purifying our thoughts and it also means being "natural," simple, and caring.

Our cells react to kindness and are often healed of sickness when that emotion is predominant. Kindness is wishing others well, and so it is blessing others. We receive blessings in return. As one writer noted, kindness drives gloom and darkness from our souls and replaces it with hope. It glorifies, it ennobles, it purifies. It beautifies us. We actually look better. "Ennoble" is to increase dignity. It builds up. It summons grace (where discouragement resists those gifts that God has in store for us). "Kindness adds sweetness to everything," notes an author named Lawrence G. Lovasik. "It makes lifeís capabilities blossom and fills them with fragrance." It brings springtime.

Those who are spiritually gifted are often accompanied by a mysterious odor of sanctity -- an aroma that resembles a combination of lilies and roses. This is also the fragrance of Heaven. Kindness opens a portal to the hereafter and through that portal comes surprise.

Angels watch our every move and celebrate when we perform an act of goodness. If we need them, they speed on the highway that our love has paved (along with our longsuffering). Kindness is potent because it is active love. One kind word, one kind smile, one gesture, is often enough to serve as a catalyst. We donít see it, but the world around us changes.

The legend goes of a stranger who sought shelter for the night and was tossed out when he uttered Godís Name in vain. In the morning, an angel appeared to the innkeeper, exclaiming, "I sent a stranger to you for shelter. Where is he?" When the innkeeper explained what happened, the angel replied: "For forty years God has been patient with that man. For one single night could you not bear with him?"

Anything that goes to the far end of a spectrum, anything with "too" or "overly" in front of it, and anything that hinders other aspects of life, tends toward darkness. 

Often, we open ourselves to evil in ways that donít seem like sin. Here we get into the realm of "imperfections" Ė and they too stunt the miraculous life.

All of us are here on earth to correct such imperfections, and when we don't -- when we don't come into balance  -- there is the intrusion of darkness.

Patience and forbearance are the stuff of angels -- and the stuff of miracles. Think of all the times your guardian has stood by you despite your conduct. The Book of Proverbs tells us that "a patient man is better than a warrior, and he who rules his temper, than he who takes a city." This forbearance leads to the grace of knowing ourselves more intimately, and brings about a spring cleaning. It is an exercise in discipline, and discipline strengthens the Spirit. With discipline you can control your emotions and reorient your thoughts. Discipline is like the side of a river. Without its banks, a river becomes a swamp and each step finds quicksand.

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