Reagan and Gorbachev were secretly briefed on Medjugorje

@Spirit Daily

       The news that former President Ronald Reagan broke his hip and was operated on over the weekend brought to mind his connection -- never revealed to the general public -- to the famous apparition site of Medjugorje, where the Virgin Mary has been appearing since 1981. 

       The connection came about because of Alfred Kingon, Reagan's ambassador to the European Communities and a former assistant secretary of the Treasury who visited the village in 1987 and though he was raised in a home that was Jewish and Christian Scientist, became convinced of the apparitions. In fact so impressed was Kingon that he sent Reagan a personal two-and-a-half page summary.

          And Kingon told us that Reagan responded so favorably that he even had his secretary try to contact one of the seers, Marija Pavlovic (but unfortunately in those days telephone lines to the village were tenuous and Reagan never reached her).       

       Soon after Ambassador Kingon sent a similar report to Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev. Kingon told Spirit Daily he reduced thirty-nine pages of Mary's messages to a one-page memorandum, with Austrians helping in the translation. 

       Then another ambassador, Jack Matlock, guided the document to the Soviet leader. 

       "There was no answer from Gorbachev, but it was indicated that he got it," said Kingon, who strongly believes there is "something of great import going on" at Medjugorje. He told us he senses that in some fashion "the whole world is going to change."

          Another major official, Margaret Heckler, former Massachusetts congresswoman who served in Reagan's Cabinet and was ambassador to Ireland, has also visited Medjugorje and says that she has seen the metal links in three of her rosaries mysteriously turn gold. 

       According to an organization called Medjugorje USA, the State Department has hundreds of pages of documents about Medjugorje -- where in the early 1980s the Virgin came warning about the situation in the world. Postscript: when he retired Reagan was said to have placed a statue of Our Blessed Mother in his California office.

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