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 Businessman Who Purchased The Land Where Sister Neuzil Also Resided Also Has Prophecy

By Michael H. Brown

Among the messages that Sister Neuzil received while living there was that the convent and land would fall into the hands of those not of the faith but that at the end of the century it would be reclaimed by a Catholic. This prophecy proved true when the convent was shut down and the entire property sold to a 'moonie'-type cult in the early 70's. Then in the late 90's Larry Young, a Catholic businessman bought the property. Now Young reports receiving an ominous message of the enemy in our midst ready to reign terror upon us.  This message was conveyed to spiritdaily shortly before the World Trade Center attack.

 A couple months ago Larry Young, a businessman who has purchased Sylvan Springs in Indiana, site of the first apparition to Sister Mildred Mary Neuzil (of the "Our Lady of America" apparitions), told us of a "message" he himself had felt he received from the Virgin Mary. We don't carry every private revelation, but we believe the Spirit speaks to us all and we asked him to confirm the details because it had been accurate -- prescient -- and because he had told us of it just before the September 11 attack. He does not pretend to be a seer, but does have certain mystical experiences. His recollection, in more detail, presented for your discernment:

Hello Michael,
Yes I was told about a war on our own soil...that was the message in May..."the soldiers are already here...this war will be fought on you own soil and many will die... this will be a war like no other...the enemy is 'the evil one'... your children will be targets." There has never been a battle of this magnitude involving good versus evil in the history of humankind!

I was told this was an attempt to break the will of our people to resist evil's great push to bring about the total destruction and annihilation of Israel... if they strike fear into the hearts of the American public they hope to paralyze us into not defending Israel as the evil nations look to destroy her. That is the real target here... Israel. It is not group or nation that is working alone, but several groups and nations that are working quietly together to bring this about.  A very powerful message was delivered a week ago Monday by Our Lady:

"Please. Follow the leader, Follow the leader, Follow The Leader!
WHATEVER happens...Do Not Be Afraid! Do Not Be Afraid!  DO NOT BE AFRAID!"
She was very emphatic!!  She went on to say...
"Continue to Pray The Rosary as you have... more will be coming to pray with you. This will be a place of safety for all those who seek the promises of Our Lord.  Always remember, prayer is the only true peacemaker!" She then said, "Until all nations are united in prayer, there will be no true peace." (You could truly feel the passion in her, the Virgin Mary's  (alleged) words...and she continues to say, "Please"  (Imagine how humbling that is.)  There are many more soldiers in our midst... these soldiers have devious plans to rain terror down upon our country... I feel they will be attacking our children in great numbers in the hopes of creating the greatest fear.

Our Lady did say she was with our President... I think his address to the nation was testament to that!  God will make good out of all of this... it is hard to reason, but these terrorist attacks, and the heinous acts which are still to come, may actually be the catalyst that brings about the salvation of the world. All people uniting in prayer and learning the true focus of their lives... giving glory to God!

Larry Young
Sylvan Springs

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