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Purify your thoughts and you will purify your body because the body manifests what is in the spirit. Let your "first thought" (about someone) be positive or at least loving and in this way purity will begin to surround you as a force that cleanses and prepares you for health and it is the topic for today: cleansing our bodies, which are the temples of the Holy Spirit .

In the Book of Sirach is the advice: "Before sickness, prepare the cure" (18:8). We prepare the cure by engulfing our bodies in the positive.

Any spot in the spirit may manifest as a spot on our bodies, and if it grows in the spirit, it can grow in the physical as well (and turn malignant).

This is not to blame every illness on spiritual darkness (we all grow old, and there is sickness that is "redemptive"; even St. Francis was ill at a young age) -- but we can prevent many ills with what we think, how we pray, and what we put into our bodies.

How do we "prepare" a cure? How do we halt an illness before it is an illness? How do we protect ourselves and loved ones against the many potential scourges of this life? Invoke the Holy Spirit.

When we pray for the Holy Spirit to suffuse us (and our loved ones) with the Spirit of Health, He guides us as to what we should eat. Otherwise, we would be lost in all the conflicting and complex information on latest scientific food studies! So start there.

When we pray our intuitions come up with ideas and if we may share a recent intuition it involves the use of water and fruit to cleanse the body.

As we have urged before, drink plenty of pure water. Try to drink the purest water you can find. See it as a physical representation of the living waters. Pray over each glass!

Did you ever wonder why so many ancients believed in healing springs (or "fountains of youth")? Start here: water. Drink as much as your body tolerates. Flush out your system. There are the living waters of Heaven and the living waters in our bodies -- which should be purified (like our spirits).

Regularly, fast. Francis of Assisi called the body "brother donkey." He kept this "brother" under perfect control -- sometimes without food and water or denying it something special that "it" liked very much. This also purifies.

Meanwhile, it is crucial to health and fascinating that human blood has such a remarkable similarity (in mineral composition) to ocean water.

So perhaps that's another step: make sure you eat foods with the minerals found in ocean water. Genuine sea salt is an excellent source for readily soluble sodium with trace iodine and other minerals found in the sea, and it causes less water retention than regular salt (which puts on weight). To purge excess salt and purify organs like the liver, drink water with a couple tablespoons of lemon or grapefruit juice, sweetened with real maple syrup (not high-fructose sugars) and spiced with cayenne (if your body can tolerate it).

The Holy Spirit may lead you to eat peaches, or apples, or papayas, or avocadoes, or red grapes, or specific fish, or nuts. Of course, one could extol many other nutrients. Let's take the scourge of macular degeneration (which causes loss of eyesight): many say it can be prevented or lessened by consuming foods that contain lutein, an antioxidant, belonging to the carotenoid family that can be found in dark green leafy vegetables such as kale, spinach, collards, broccoli, garden peas, zucchini, Brussels sprouts, pistachio nuts, various fruits, carrots, mustard greens, purple, red, or blue  fruits, romaine lettuce, dill, parsley, corn, and tomatoes. Egg yolks are also sources of lutein. Perhaps most powerful for the antioxidants: Goji berries. We mention this because so many are having vision problems!

It is God -- His angels -- Who will direct us. He made endless healthy fruits and vegetables and only He knows the combination that best fits our unique bodies. Otherwise, our heads will spin with all the nutritional advice! Your body is unique and has unique needs that only God can see in their entirety.

How else do we "prepare the cure"? By asking our angels to scan our bodies and heal any illnesses that may be in an incipient (barely detectable) state (especially tumors). Ask God to permeate and surround you and your loved ones with the purity of immunity from the countless maladies that can afflict us. Cast away the spirit of tumors (if such may be around). Cast away the spirit of arthritis (in case that's there). Cast off the spirit of diabetes, or arterial disease, or heart ailments, and every sort of cancer. Cast away the spirit of infirmity and ask God through His angels to constantly minister to you. Purify your thought process. Besides your mouth, watch what enters your eyes and ears. Cleanse the innermost chambers of your spirit. Watch the "eyegates"!

Now comes cleanliness, which is next to Godliness.

True health!

Lemons. Apples. Lutein.

The Lord can cure anything -- and use everything we have on this earth.

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