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Can a soul really communicate from hell?

There are those who claim yes. One may recall the well-known book by Father F. X. Schouppe, Hell (now out of print), that included alleged communication by the condemned.

It seems like slippery territory, yet there is in Scripture the rich man who communicated from the netherworld (Luke 16:22).

Was it actually hell?

There is also a little booklet, The Letter From Beyond, that likewise purports to be a communication from someone in hell, with an imprimatur from the Diocese of Treves, Germany, and ecclesiastical approval from São Paulo in Brazil (back in the 1950s). The letter was "read" by a nun during an unusual dream she had about a friend who had recently died and who had led a less-than-exemplary life -- squandering grace and distancing herself from God.

In the letter, this friend, known as Anne V., explained to the nun, Claire, what had happened upon death -- and after.

"Claire!" the letter started. "Don't pray for me. I am damned" -- explaining that she was in a place where there was no more friendship.

"At the moment of my death I awoke from a darkness," Anne seemed to communicate to the nun. "I found myself suddenly enveloped by a blinding light. It was at the same place where my body lay. It seemed almost like a theater, when the lights suddenly go out, the curtain noisily opens, and tragically illuminated scene appears; the scene of my life.

"I saw my soul as in a mirror. I saw the graces I had trampled underfoot from the time I was young until that final 'No!' given to God. I felt like an assassin brought to trial before its inanimate victim. Repent? Never! Did I feel shame for my actions? Not at all!

"Notwithstanding, it was impossible for me to remain in the Presence of the God I had denied and rejected. Only one thing remained for me: flight. Thus, just as Cain fled from the body of Abel, so my soul sought to flee far from this terrible sight.

"That was my private judgment. The invisible Judge spoke: 'Depart from Me!' and my soul swiftly fell, like a sulfurous shadows, into the place of eternal torment!"

"Those who sinned out of malice suffer more than those who fell from weakness," said the letter from hell. Those in hell did not pray or did not pray enough, it was indicated.

The message was that attaching to worldly pleasures and forsaking God is a route to the nether regions. In this case, it was simply growing so distant from Him -- through a worldly way of life -- that one ended up with condemnation (really, not so much a judgment as the soul precipitating itself to where it belongs -- even if it is the place of torment).

Certainly gives you the shivers!

Comfortable in hell?

That's how much a dark soul avoids the Light of Jesus.

In the dream, when the letter was done, it turned to ashes.

In hell, all is hatred.

"I hate the devil, and yet I like him because he and his helpers, the angels that fell with him at the beginning of time, strive to make you lose your souls," wrote Anne in this most unusual private revelation, published by the California group, Tradition in Action.

"There are myriads of demons. Uncountable numbers of them wander through the world like swarms of flies, their presence not even suspected. Condemned souls like us are not the ones who tempt you; this is left to the fallen spirits. Our torments increased every time they bring another soul to hell, but we still want to see everyone condemned. Hatred is capable of anything!"

There is the famed Unpublished Manuscript on Purgatory (for ten years now one of the most popular booklet we carry) that has similar detail.

But that was -- allegedly (and also with an imprimatur) -- from purgatory.

Why would a soul from hell -- so filled with hate -- seek to warn living humans?

And what about others who say those who are negative and departed can have bad effects on the living?

Let us be watchful, at this time of year when darkness can seem so thick and yet also we are called to pray for those who are no longer with us, no matter where we think they are.

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