The Amazing Secrets of the Souls in Purgatory 
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For a week now rumors have been rampant that Sister Lucia dos Santos, sole surviving seer from Fatima, recently received another communication from the Virgin and as a result her Mother House (she is a nun) had requested that other Carmelite convents unite with her in a vigil of peace on the Feast of the Rosary -- October 7, which ended up being the day America attacked Afghanistan.

We are currently working at checking the authenticity of this news. We have no idea if there is anything to it. Rumors are flying fast and thick and have also been especially intense around this special seer -- the most famous visionary since Saint Bernadette. But it appears that there was probably no special revelation. The alleged text of a letter requesting the vigil makes no mention of an apparition, according to one Marian newsletter that claims a copy of a letter pertinent to the situation, nor does it mention a "bloodbath."

We can say this: the last we had heard, Sister Lucia was very weak and often confined to her room. When the weather turns chilly in Portugal (her convent is about 90 miles north of Fatima at Coimbra), a special heater is placed in her room. She is 94. She was born on March 22, 1907, and she suffers colds. As we reported last winter, there were indications that Portugal's damp, inclement weather was affecting her, and she had been confined to her "cell" with a space heater. With warmer weather she moves about and so it is possible that she has had more communication with her sister nuns recently.

Although the recent rumor may turn out to be unfounded, it is likely that her apparitions of the Virgin have not stopped. While the famous apparitions occurred in 1917 (concluding with the "great miracle" on October 13, which we remember this Saturday), she received other major revelations in the 1920s and has hinted to visiting bishops and priests that the visits continue. When asked in 1992 if the Virgin still appeared to her, she responded, "I cannot say." But she smiled when pressed on the matter, and when asked by visitors to ask the Virgin for special graces when Our Blessed Mother next appeared to her, the seer said, "Yes. I will ask Our Lady."

There are indications that even back around the time of the famous appearances, there were more apparitions or visions than have been reported in popular accounts.

The recent rumors started with The Remnant, which said it had "been informed by a reliable contact in France that Sister Lucy has delivered a message to Carmelite sisters in France. According to this report, Sister Lucy recently received another communication from the Mother of God. In the wake of that communication, we are told, Sister Lucy has asked Carmelite sisters throughout the world to pray specifically on the Feast of the Most Holy Rosary for a special intention. That  intention is, we are told, that the world might be spared 'a blood bath.'"

It now appears that no "blood bath" was mentioned, at least not in a copy of a letter from the Rosary Society at Fatima which may have been the origin of rumors to begin with.

That Sister Lucia may now be uniting her fellow nuns for intercession or that her Mother Superior is doing so is logical. A year ago she and nuns at her convent joined in recitation of the Rosary with those gathered in Rome for a special entrustment of the world to the Immaculate Heart. That too had been on October 7 -- which is not only the Feast of the Rosary, and not only the day the U.S. struck Afghanistan, but also the anniversary of the great battle of Lepanto, in which Christian forces turned back Muslim Turks who were set on conquering all of Europe in 1571.

Another irony: Fatima itself was named after the daughter of Mohammed. This part of Portugal, as well as much of Spain, was once under Muslim control, and that era was recently referred to by terrorist Osama Bin Laden in lamenting the losses by Islam through history.

A further note: the great sign prophesied at Fatima was an unusual display of the northern lights, and the third secret involved an angel. Two weeks ago we ran the photo of unusual lights over Finland -- lights that seemed to form the image of an angel!

We asked at the time and ask again if it was a harbinger of another great war.

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