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In Deep Shadows Of New Age And Push For Globalism Is An Occult Organization

By Michael H. Brown

Deep in the shadows of the New Age is an organization that is linked to the United Nations and striving to create a New World Order.

It is not the stuff of paranoia. It is not a conspiracy theory. It is a simple fact.

Recently, I called attention to Bohemian Grove, a clandestine meeting place for world leaders north of San Francisco, and now would like to call attention to this group on the other coast.

I'd like to know, once and for all, about Lucis Trust. I'd like to know what they want. I want to know why they have any relationship with the United Nations. I want to know what they do.

I have wanted to know these things for years -- for well over a decade.

Lucis Trust, by its own reckoning, was formed in 1920 by Alice and Foster Bailey, who took their creed from famed occultist Madame Helena Blavatsky, medium, author of The Secret Doctrine, founder of the Theosophical Society, and mother of the modern New Age Movement.

Madame Blavatsky was in communication with invisible "masters" whose "wisdom" she recorded and whose adherents were to include Alice Bailey, who was born in England and moved to the U.S. in 1907. "Her writings gave rise," says one encyclopedia, "to many aspects of contemporary New Age belief."

For a short period -- until 1922, when it decided that its image would suffer -- Lucis Trust had a publishing arm known as Lucifer Publishing. It all started with what is known as the "Arcane School," which taught the lessons of reincarnation, channeling, and mysterious Ascended Masters.

Among Bailey's books were Letters on Occult Meditation, A Treatise on White Magic, Esoteric Astrology, and Discipleship in the New Age.

Her teachings gave rise to a small but well-placed charitable organization -- located in the heart of the nation's financial district -- that ostensibly promotes world unity, "goodwill," and political spirituality.

This is no ordinary third-rate occult organization. In 1995 the U.N.'s list of non-governmental organizations "in consultative status with the economic and social council" included "Lucis Trust Association."

In other words, Lucis Trust is a well-planted institution that enjoys "consultative status" with the United Nations, which permits it to have a working relationship with the international body, including a seat on the weekly sessions.

Most important is its influence with powerful business and national leaders throughout the world.

Lucis is the finance arm of organizations that descend from Bailey, including World Goodwill, the Arcane School, and Triangles -- which was founded in 1937 as a network of spiritual cells whose members pray a "Great Invocation," especially on the night of a full moon.

The "invocation" was used as the opening prayer in 1992 for the Earth Summit in Brazil -- the largest gathering ever of national leaders.

"Many religions believe in a World Teacher or Savior, knowing him under such names as the Christ, the Lord Maitreya, the Imam Mahdi, the Bodhisattva, and the Messiah, and these terms are used in some of the Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist and Jewish versions of the Great Invocation," says the Lucis website chillingly.

Through World Goodwill, Lucis has initiated programs to develop a unified world. Every week this network meditates in an effort, says Lucis, to send energy and "strengthen human consciousness."

"Goodwill is the touchstone that will transform the world," trumpets Lucis -- which is located on the 24th floor of a building at 120 Wall Street in Manhattan (and has branches in Geneva and London).

Lucis and Theosophy reportedly are also connected with a more overtly religious organization, the Temple of Understanding, which is also in New York and also has consultative status with the U.N. (its Economic and Social Council). The Temple's ostensible mission, among others, is to promote coexistence among individuals and communities through interfaith dialogue. As recently as September 6, 2006, minutes of a U.N. planning session were recorded by the Temple.

Its association with the Temple of Understanding is allegedly a covert one. The Temple is said to have been founded as a "global interfaith organization" by a woman named Juliet Hollister, who enlisted the support of Dr. Albert Schweitzer and former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt as sort of a "spiritual United Nations." It is currently run by a nun named Sister Joan Kirby, a Sister of the Sacred Heart.

Back in the early 1990s, I spoke to a priest, Father Luis Dolan, who admitted sitting on the Temple's board, which initially met at the chapel of the U.N. and then St. John the Divine Episcopalian Cathedral in New York, the nation's largest cathedral.

The church, which suffered a serious fire in 2001, is famous for prominent New Agers preaching from its pulpit, solstice rituals (with beating drums), "sacred celebrations" of homosexuals, a statue of a nude woman named "Christa" on a cross that it displayed one Lent, a high-wire act in one of its naves, and for holding an Islamic liturgical service.

Whatever the connection between Lucis and the Temple, we get all we need to know about Theosophy by knowing that a temple founded by another prominent purveyor, Anne Besant, in London, featured six symbolic presentations of the great faiths represented by the mural of a six-pointed star made of two interlocking triangles connected by a serpent.

Bailey, a competitor of Besant's, claimed more than 200,000 members of her theosophical faction and her husband was a Scottish Rite Freemason named Foster Bailey. Bailey was in the Pacific Grove Lodge -- located about ninety miles south of San Francisco.

It is said that many prominent people have had a relationship with the Temple, Lucis, or one of its organizations, including former Defense Secretary Robert McNamara, who, it is claimed, prayed to the full moon along the Potomac (according to journalist Edith Roosevelt). Temple board members have reportedly overlapped with members of David Rockefeller's Trilateral Commission.

Whether or not the Temple actually runs it, it certainly has used the U.N. chapel for meetings. Its website announced in 2006 that on December 7th "Faith in Action, a panel Presentation on Religion and Social Change," would "offer a conversation about the many ways that faith and religion move believers to action. Panelists will explore the different motivations and means that have been used by faith communities and leaders to alter congregations, communities, and the greater world. War, racism, class issues, poverty, sexism, and environmental justice are all issues that have been and continue to be engaged by faith communities in ways that are sometimes traditional, sometimes radical, sometimes everyday, and sometimes revolutionary. Our panelists will discuss what justice, transformation, and social change mean to them and their traditions. This event will take place at the Church Center, 777 United Nations Plaza -- 12th Floor from 5:30-7:30 pm."

Is it the stuff of conspiracists? Is it the paranoia of a "new world order"?

At the very least we can say that the touch of occultism has infiltrated the topmost levels of non-governmental organizations at the U.N. and influenced a global movement -- ecology -- that should have been left in the hands of the Godly.


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