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         Two other seers from the apparition site of Medjugore in Bosnia-Hercegovina say they've been given the life story of the Virgin Mary. It has been known for years that seer Vicka Ivankovic was given Mary's life story, but now, according to Lynn Hoffman, a pilgrim leader from California who is close to the visionaries, we learn that seers Ivanka Elez and Mirjana Soldo also have the life story of the Blessed Mother and will reveal it at some point in the future. "When the time comes they'll distribute it but couldn't describe how they will," said Lynn. "It won't be a book. Mirjana told me, 'I don't know how to describe it.'"

         Like the five others, Mirjana first began seeing the Blessed Mother in June of 1981 at the famous site but her daily apparitions ended in December of 1982. She still sees the Blessed Mother on occasion, however, and Lynn reports that at an annual birthday apparition last weekend Mirjana began to cry before the Blessed Mother appeared and later indicated it was because she missed Father Slavko Barbaric, who for years attended her annual apparition on March 18 but died last autumn. During the apparition itself Mirjana was described as alternately joyful, serious, and teary-eyed. When asked why she was especially happy -- if it was because she had been allowed to see Father Slavko -- Mirjana said she couldn't comment.

         "You saw Father Slavko," Lynn asked, "didn't you?"

         Mirjana just laughed. "I can't talk about it," she said -- declining to confirm or deny it. 

         Meanwhile Ivanka, whose daily apparitions ended in 1985, but who also receives special annual apparitions, explained that she has been told "the future of the world and the Church," without adding further details, according to Hoffman, something that is also true of Mirjana, who, like Ivanka, has been granted ten "secrets" by the Virgin Mary. Both seers, along with Vicka, have been focusing their remarks on troubled youth and the need to pray with and for them in our tumultuous times.  

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