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From The Mailbag: The Horse of the Apocalypse?

Dear Spirit Daily Looking at this photo recalled to mind a dream from a few years' back, wherein my daughter and I were at my childhood home. She answered a knock at the door to a white-hooded monk, who asked if we had called for a priest to bless the house. We said no, to which he responded that it must have been the people next door. As he turned to walk away, I saw a battalion of similarly clad monks coming from the left. As they walked the property next door, they were burying medals in the ground (I could hear the "clink" of hammers against metal), and they buried the medals deeper and deeper at each pass. When they descended waist-deep into the ground, I wondered aloud why they were burying the medals so deep. One of the monks stopped and looked at me. He said, behold, and took me below ground, where I saw a huge, black war horse encased behind what appeared to be a glass wall. The horse -- red eyes blazing and nostrils flaring -- desperately wanted out and would rear up on its hind legs and beat against the glass with its front hooves. The monk said to me, "This is Satan's black beauty, eager to be let loose." His statement shocked me awake, and I knew without a doubt that I had just beheld the black horse of the Apocalypse, and that the medals being buried were St. Benedict medals. In my dream the black horse was riderless; however, this photograph reflects that is no longer the case. You may share this story, if you believe it has any spiritual value. I am thankful and reassured that our new Holy Father has taken the name "Benedict."  May God continue to bless your ministry and the good work you do in keeping the faithful spiritually informed. 

In the two Hearts that beat as one,
Betty Rios
Glendale, Arizona


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