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What's transpiring in North America and Europe is another "graduation" in what we've been observing since the early 1990s: the gyration in climate, seen now with an unusually warm winter in regions like the Northeast U.S. (at least up to now, with buds appearing on cherry trees in Washington) and -- conversely -- record cold in places like Italy (which has seen its worst snow since 1956).

It's precisely what climate scientists forecast: that a swerve in climate -- for now in a warming mode -- would cause erratic patterns and more moisture in the air.

While weather will differ greatly in various regions, the global average is such that nine of the ten warmest years on record have occurred since 2000 (according to scientists who span both Republican and Democratic administrations). For the Northeast it's one of the warmest and least-snowy winters on record, with most of the region's temperatures averaging five degrees above the norm, according to the Northeast Regional Climate Center at Cornell University. Melting Arctic ice has disrupted wind flows that normally keep frigid air up there at the North Pole.

Whether that warming trend continues -- or swerves to sudden "global cooling" (as occurred in the high Middle Ages, which in many ways was a mirror image of our own time) -- is the question of the hour (see: Sent To Earth -- or The Final Hour). It has nothing to do with politics. It may have to do with the sun: We believe it is all part of the prophetic pulse (or "signs of the times").

The weather is but one realm. There are those auroras -- of more prominence than at any time since September 11, 2001 (at least in the media). Auroras indicate solar eruptions and some scientists even speculate that the resonance of radiation in our atmosphere, ionosphere, and magnetosphere -- "skyquakes" -- may account for what many around the world, including public officials, have been reporting as strange hums, booms, and rumblings.

There are also earthquakes, many, in diverse places.

It was a year ago that a seismic disruption caused the devastating historic tsunami in Japan and in the past several years tremors have been so numerous that killing "just" a few dozen people -- once a big deal -- no longer make big headlines.

Tsunami watches come and go -- with little global notice. Another "graduation." The same is true of floods, mudslides, and typhoons. And so we know the pace has picked up although for now it seems like the economy is not in lockstep (there has been some improvement). How long will the "recovery" continue? Is it really a recovery? Will gasoline spike again (some say it could go over four dollars a gallon; this is a key behind recessions)? What about the rumblings that persist in places like Greece, where there is something also we watch: public upheaval? (And just today, at 3:34 a.m., 2/14/12, a small quake). Are there signs in space?

Not really, not yet, but two weeks ago a large asteroid called "Eros" made its closest pass (within the orbit of Mars) since 1975. It was of note because if one its size (21 miles wide) ever hit, it'd cause a tremendous global calamity. The recent pass on January 31 was only seventy times more than the distance to the moon and it's next pass will be 2056, not exactly imminent but another in a number of asteroids that have made close observed passes (some closer than the moon ). (This is the asteroid that a NASA exploratory craft landed on.) There are many other space rocks that are of more concern -- including some between us and the sun, smaller but more likely to hit out of nowhere.

When it comes to prophecy -- especially scary ones -- is caution in order? It is. In Thailand police are considering charges against a man who circulated a prediction (made by one of his sons, who allegedly foresaw 9/11) that one of that nation's largest dams would collapse on New Year's Eve, which of course it did not. Authorities say the loss of tourism during the holiday season amounted to $13.3 million (as usual, we put dollar amounts even on false predictions, of which there are many).

We give room to the prophetic pulse but must do so with caution.

It can be from the subconscious. It can be from the devil. Too often, it fails to materialize (at least immediately). There is all the hoopla over 2012.

And yet, we do not set it all aside; we do not despise it. At least in symbols, it can be God's nudge. It is unlikely we'll know precisely what and when something is coming until it comes (although in prayer God will always guide us to preparation; the enemy is fear, which comes from the enemy).

Sobering many "visions" are (and have been since the 1990s). For our discernment.


"Hi, my name is Heather Bain," says a viewer. "I am intrigued by the prophecies of Akita [Japan] which point to fire falling from the sky. We live in the Atlanta area. About two and half years ago I had a dream. I was outside and there were rolling balls of fire falling from the sky and everyone was running for their lives. The balls of fire were horrific and too numerous to count. We made it into our house (a house that was not ours when I had the dream but we have since moved and I now recognize it as the house I saw in my dream!)"

In that dream, says Heather, "I made sure that my husband had all three of our children, who were not much older than they are now. My little one was still small enough to carry and he is now three. I thought this event might be a precursor to the [alleged] 'three days of darkness' and immediately looked at all the windows in my house and noticed that they were not covered. Soon after the fire fell, I saw a light covering of snow (maybe it was ashes) and everyone was amazed. I woke up from this dream in a terrible sweat, knowing that this was not just a dream. Thought I would share this with you, because, to me it seems like there will be something imminent in at least the Atlanta area, if not the whole world. I believe God gave me this dream to prepare and to perhaps warn others."

Back to those alleged sounds:

"I haven't heard the rumblings in the real world myself but about six to eight years ago, when I was in a difficult personal situation, I had some time praying and fasting and one day I saw something like a dream or vision," says a viewer from Germany. "In my mind I was told it was two years ahead, shortly after the new year would begin and then I saw the horizon and heard a loud rumbling -- which was like shaking the whole earth. I immediately thought of the thunder which is described in some forecasts as coming in the end times before three dark days -- although it was not exactly like a thunder but more a great rumbling. I was shocked and thought: Why do you worry about earthly things? From that day on I expected something special to come. I was not afraid or worried but sometimes thought of it. Nothing happened,  so I assumed: Maybe God has heard the prayers of His people."

And from Lisa in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, intriguingly:

"Just wanted to tell you I've heard them too! I have an older horse who has been acting very strangely the last several weeks; standing at the end of her pasture near the fence and staring at the southeast sky. She's been worrying me because she won't even come to the barn to eat, I have to practically drag her with the lead. She'll then eat gustily as normal but suddenly will run back to her spot at the end of her pasture and stand and look. Anyway, we do have coyotes around a lot and she has always been interested in them so I thought it was either that or she's getting senile at 26 years old. Two Saturday's ago I was out with her doing chores and was about to put her on a lead to 'drag' her back to the barn to eat when suddenly I heard huge booms from the area she was watching. These were not gunshots or anything I could identify as I hear those a lot too around our farm. The direction she is looking there is only farmland and steep wooded hills for several miles and the noise actually sounded like it was close to us and almost surrounding us and was very loud and scary. I ran back to get my cell phone and record a video, but by the time I got to it the sounds were done. After they ended Sham (my horse) calmly turned away and walked back to the barn where she ate and acted normal. Every morning and evening when I come to take care of her (she lives at my in-laws, so I am only there for half an hour or so twice a day), I find her standing in the same place staring at the south-east sky. I am going to keep my cell phone in my pocket from now on out there and see if I can record them, but wanted to let you know my experience."

Are such sounds a form of hoax, or mass cyber hysteria? "Or could these sounds from all over the world be the Lord roaring from Heaven, since He has a controversy with the nations," asked a third viewer recently.

"Just throwing it out there for everyone's discernment (Jeremiah):

30: "Therefore you shall prophesy against them all these words, and you shall say to them, 'The Lord will roar from on high and utter His voice from His holy habitation; He will roar mightily against His fold. He will shout like those who tread the grapes, against all the inhabitants of the earth.

31: "A clamor has come to the end of the earth, because the Lord has a controversy with the nations. He is entering into judgment with all flesh; as for the wicked, He has given them to the sword,' declares the Lord.

32: "Thus says the Lord of hosts, "Behold, evil is going forth from nation to nation, and a great storm is being stirred up from the remotest parts of the earth.

33: "Those slain by the Lord on that day will be from one end of the earth to the other. They will not be lamented, gathered or buried; they will be like dung on the face of the ground.

34: "Wail, you shepherds, and cry; and wallow in ashes, you masters of the flock; for the days of your slaughter and your dispersions have come, and you will fall like a choice vessel.

35: "Flight will perish from the shepherds, and escape from the masters of the flock.

36: "Hear the sound of the cry of the shepherds, and the wailing of the masters of the flock! For the Lord is destroying their pasture.

37: "And the peaceful folds are made silent because of the fierce anger of the Lord.

38: "He has left His hiding place like the lion; for their land has become a horror because of the fierceness of the oppressing sword and because of His fierce anger."

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[Timothy Snodgrass is a preacher who has ministered to more than seventy nations around the globe since 1986. He is known for being at the right place at the right time, such as in November, 1989, when he and his team arrived in Germany on the day the Berlin Wall fell or in Tokyo when the tsunami hit. Says this alleged prophet: "On December 16, 2011 I was taken in the Spirit and saw a white star falling to the earth, with myriads of heavenly angels flying behind the star carrying great authority. When the star touched the earth, there was no sound, no explosion, for the white star was one of Godís heavenly generals. With one foot upon a mountain in Japan, and the other foot upon the sea, the angel lifted up a sword with his right hand and said, 'Fear not! Great waves of Godís glory and great waves of Godís judgment are now at hand. Only those walking in His Presence shall stand!' 

"Suddenly I was taken in the Spirit high above the Pacific Ocean from the elevation of a satellite, and I could see all of Asia, Australia, North America and the islands the sea. When my eyes focused on Japan, I saw what appeared to be white ripples covering a large portion of the sea off the Japanese coast. When I began to understand the magnitude of the great earthquake I was seeing, all strength left me and I began to cry out to God for mercy the inhabitants of the coastlands. But the angel of the Lord spoke again, 'Fear not! Great waves of GodĎs glory and Great waves of GodĎs judgment are now at hand. Only those walking in His Presence shall stand!'

"I am currently in the middle of a 40-day Daniel Fast (fruits, vegetables). The chief purpose of my fast is not health, finances or any worldly thing, but for more of the Presence of God. When I was in Japan on March 11 during the great 9.0 quake, my only worldly possessions were a package of Ritz crackers and a bottle of water (which the Lord instructed me to give away). Money was useless in Japan on March 11. When I gave away all of my worldly possessions, two things happened: First, the Presence of God enfolded me like a warm blanket as I slept on the cold tarmac on the Narita Airport. Secondly, Godís provision was released when suddenly soldiers entered the area carrying boxes of Ritz crackers and bottled water, which they handed to all of those huddled in the evacuation center or sleeping outside under the stars in the chilly night air, as the ground continued to shake for three days. If I had chosen to cling to my worldly possessions in Japan, there would have been no miracle of multiplication of food and water, and I would have been stranded in Japan without the Presence of God."]

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