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What's in the mailbag these days?

Concern, as always, over our times.

"I live in Minnesota," writes Joe Kelly. "I have a small farm. On the day of the recent Supreme Court decisions, I was outside pushing my young son on his swing set and I looked down to see literally thousands of new ant hills all over the yard --  I mean, thousands of them. I have a grotto dedicated to Our Lady in my yard, and I was praying my rosary there and I noticed again hundreds of ants crawling through the gravel base of the grotto. I went to a large store (Home Depot) to get something to spread on the ground to get the ant outbreak under control.  I spoke to two employees there and they both told me that they had literally sold out of the ant killer, because, that day, they were flooded with people coming in saying the exact same thing. One of them showed me the spot on the shelf where the ant killer usually sits. The shelf was empty. He said they had not been able to find any anywhere to re-stock, and they had to wait for another shipment from the factory. Now, we have had incredibly copious rain storms recently. Perhaps the excess water is driving the ants to the surface or something. I just thought the timing was unusual."

That's right: if nothing else, an accent on the swerves in weather that keep on keeping-on.

Noted John Hench:

"Concerning your article: 'Swerves in nature no longer in question as the Lord "cleans house" and starts turning things upside-down, this reminded me of a quote from the 'Akallabeth,' Tolkien's story about the fall of a chosen people, the Númenoreans, as they stopped worshipping the one true God, and turned to his adversary: 'Now aforetime in the isle of Númenor the weather was ever apt to the needs and liking of Men: rain in due season and ever in measure; and sunshine, now warmer, now cooler, and winds from the sea. And when the wind was in the west, it seemed to many that it was filled with a fragrance, fleeting but sweet, heart-stirring, as of flowers that bloom for ever in undying meads and have no names on mortal shores. But all of this was now changed; for the sky itself was darkened, and there were storms of rain and in hail in those days, and violent winds; and ever and anon a great ship of the Númenoreans would founder and return not to haven, though such a grief had not till then befallen them ..."

In Wisconsin, Linda Clerkin had a close brush with the weather "between 3 and 3:15 a.m. Saturday, June 22, when lighting struck my bedroom 6.5 feet away from my head."

Added Linda: "It sounded like a Death Star exploding next to my ears. Started a small fire in a laundry basket in the basement. Knocked the Sacred Heart of Jesus picture off my wall, but the Immaculate Heart of Mary stayed up."

It came -- as lightning strikes are wont -- with the smell of sulfur.

Signs of the times? "To whom it may interest," wrote another. "Yesterday, at my Church, San Secondo d’ Asti Catholic Church, our statue of Jesus appeared to be crying (please see attached photos). If this is real, then I believe this is a sign that our Lord may be very upset at our sins, especially abortion, gay marriage, etc., and maybe also at our upcoming chastisement due to them?

At right is a baby at twenty-two weeks -- certainly no blob of tissue. Yet there are abortion clinics that advertise abortions up to twenty-four weeks -- and some practitioners, diabolically, who will perform them right up to delivery (and kill a baby if it's born alive).

Sometimes, it's hard to believe that this is America. Lately, oft-times.


"I wanted to ask if you have heard of any viewers who have reported strange lights in the sky," wrote Diane Benedek. "Last night (May 25, 2013 at around 9:55 p.m.), my husband called to me to come look at the sky. He was locking up the house before we went to bed. We live in Oxford, Pennsylvania. We looked outside and saw the strangest thing. Orange/red balls of light moving across the sky slowly from North to South. They were very high up in the sky. The first set of lights were about a group of seven with two on top and about five on bottom. Than there was another set of three and then a few minutes later we saw one go by. We have a picture of the one but you have to really zoom in on it.

"The lights had no tail. They moved slowly and there was no sound.  It didn’t have a shape anything like a plane. They were round. We have an Air Force base close to us, Dover, Delaware.  They usually fly in that direction from north to south. But these were definitely not planes. And the planes/helicopters we see are almost always flying by during the day. We were wondering if any other viewers have seen anything like this."


As for alleged prophecy:

"Something occurred to me after I read your article today about Wayne Weible speculating on the Medjugorje secrets and how the tenth secret sounded  like the Three Days of Darkness," wrote Joseph Pizza (pronounced piza) of Trooper, Pennsylvania. "The second secret was also thought to be the well-known 'warning,' or Illumination, and of course, that got me thinking of Garabandal and the messages that were given there in the 1960s. I re-read some of the interviews (the link I used is here) with the seers from Garabandal, about the warning, and in more than a couple instances, when asked to explain or describe the Warning, they spoke of two stars that crash in the sky but don’t fall to earth. Another time, they said the Warning is something that is first seen everywhere and then transmitted to the interior of our souls.  That struck me as sounding a lot like the 1990 Prophecy where it mentioned not fire from the sky, but fear of fire from the sky. Forgive me if it was one of the follow-ups rather than the original locution but either way, that sounds like more than a coincidence.

"Is it possible that Medjugorje, Garabandal, and the 1990 prophecy are all related, that all are on a path of intersection? The Garabandal seers also mentioned the scourge of Communism as being prevalent at the time of their secrets and it seems that our current administration is moving us toward Socialism and ultimately, Communism, right here in America, unless we wake up and return to the dreams of our Founding Fathers. If our current policies, executive orders and laws regarding healthcare and the like, continue in the future, it seems more and more likely that our great nation’s liberties and freedoms will erode to nothing and we will resemble a Communist nation. I pray to the Blessed Mother for the protection of our country. None of the Garabandal seers mentioned America specifically when they talked of the evil of Communism, but they did say that they had the sense that Communism would be everywhere and they mentioned an invasion; not necessarily a physical one but one nonetheless.  I would shudder to think of that happening here but no matter what, Communism and tyranny seem to be growing in the world and it would seem much easier for us to see the steps in front of us that then lead to that great Warning, that flash, the fear of fire from the sky and then finally, to the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary."

For our considered judgment.

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