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Let's hit the mail.

One correspondent argues that the gyrations in weather -- brutal cold in parts of America, record warmth in places like Australia, severe flooding in London, record hail -- is related to a shift in the magnetic north pole: that the documented relocation of the earth's magnetic field, which varies from time to time, and may even "flip" (such that the north and south poles trade electrical positions).

The shift continues.

This is all interesting because the earth's magnetic field is also involved in displays of the aurora borealis, which has been very active of late and was the "great sign" of Fatima. (One scientist claimed that the electromagnetic signature of the Fatima aurora, in 1938, which presaged World War Two, was identical to the electromagnetic-pulse signature of a nuclear bomb. Of course, World War Two ended at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.)

For our consideration.

"Magnetic pole relocation affects earth in three ways," states our correspondent, from Flagler County in Florida. "First, it alters the direction of the enormous current flow through the earth, causing magnetic chaos in the earthís core, which in turn weakens the earthís magnetic shield, and second, it changes the direction of the interaction between the geophysical and the magnetic north poles, and thirdly alters the dynamics of the geographic and magnetic south poles. Each set of poles interact to determine the temperature profile relative to respective poles. The altered temperature profile causes significant climate change. We are witnessing the chaotic magnetic core responses and a weakening of the earth's magnetic shield. We are also witnessing an unstable and changing climate."


How far the magnetic poles will shift and what effect that will have are the questions of the moment (note: this is not an actual, geophysical flip of the earth, but of its electrical fields, which happens from time to time, with varying effects).

(It was mystic Maria Esperanza who said the earth's core is "out of balance," which according to scientists can be the actual cause of magnetic relocations and even reversals.)

Speaking of that which is around, below, and above our planet, what about this idea, so widely circulated in evangelical circles, that a coming series of "blood moons" (lunar eclipses) in 2014-2015 foretells major events related to Israel (falling as they do on Jewish feasts: see our article)?

Not everyone buys the notion.

"The blood moons have little or no significance for Christians since they are only the astronomical result of the relative movements of the sun and moon," argues viewer Kenneth Heck. "They may be significant for Jews, but not in a reliable way. Not all 'tetrads' [a series of four blood moons] have resulted in a significant event. I am referring in particular to the ones in A.D. 795-96, A.D. 842-43, and A.D. 860-61. Also, why isn't a tetrad associated with the Holocaust? This was far more important to the Jews than any of the wars of 1948, 1967, or 1973 [when blood moons occurred]. For Christians, astronomical signs are important which do not occur periodically. These would be comets or asteroids striking the planet, or a much hotter or colder sun than normal. Then there is the sign of the Son of Man in Heaven; this may possibly be a Cross, or perhaps the reappearance of the star of Bethlehem."

As for the evangelical Protestant, John Hagee, who is promoting the idea that the coming series of blood moons foretells great events:

"In viewing Hagee on Youtube videos, I've noticed an open if not sly Catholic bigotry," notes viewer Chris Kelly. "He has advised that hardly anyone is up on these end times events....'don't look to the Catholics...they're clueless,' paraphrasing. I believe also that his information was gathered from a converted Jewish Rabbi... not from his own in-depth investigation. If I'm correct, also, these types speak more to the Second Coming as The End rather than end of an era, since there is no acceptance of the 'interim' coming as the early Church Fathers spoke of."

Signs above.

Signs below? There are still reports of rumbling. Folks in Texas told us they have heard them there too. It was interesting how many in Texas are into the idea of "refuges" for coming times. One man claims he had a vision while driving of luminous spots in that state, and others are involved in various ways, including where a "glory cross" stands in eastern Texas.

Now: is lightning a sign?

Some say it's a sign that evil is being removed -- struck away.

Others see it as a bolt from Satan.

Like other things, perhaps it can come from both directions.

Still others -- most -- see it as naught but electrical discharge.

We recall this all in reflecting on the momentous events whereby a Pope resigned a year ago (and how bolts of lightning striking St. Peter's coincided with the events). How to discern? Only through the Holy Spirit!

How far out is "out there"?

If lightning strikes away evil, perhaps it was needed recently during that musical award show, the Grammys, on CBS, replete with one singer dressed as a witch during a burning. For some, maybe there was electricity in the air. "Just wanted to note that our television sits below paintings for the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary," wrote Matt Pantoja. "The night of the Grammy's, CBS did not come in (we don't subscribe to cable or satellite). We thought it odd that the channel would even stay on for a while and then just get pixelated-fuzzy like it normally would. Now I know why it didn't come in! Thanks be to God and thank you for the article as it encourages us in our decision to save money by not investing in cable/satellite."

We're not television viewers ourselves.

"Just read your article 'Prophecy: we may be entering a time of heightened 'forerunners,' but it is not a time for panic or fear of any kind," wrote Stefanie Huguet. "And I recalled the book The Harbinger, by Jonathan Cahn, which talks about Isaiah, the falling of Israel, and how 9/11/01 was a repeat of this event and that America is now in the same situation. 

"This book and the prophecy that accompanies it will be fulfilled in America on "29 Elul 5768" or September 13, 2015. This day will be the last day of Shemittah or the seventh year of the Jewish calendar as was the collapse that occurred in 2008 and 9/11/01. The next 29 Elul is predicted to be the day the U.S. dollar completely collapses because of our country's arrogance and refusal to turn back to God. I find it interesting that everywhere I turn in the last two years, God has placed this in front of me. I read the Harbinger on a lark, then I received an email about Shemittah and the 29th of Elul and how '08 and '01 events occurred on these days and how the 2015 will be the next occurrence if we do not turn back to God. Thanks for the info and just wanted to let you know that others are seeing these heightened forerunners you wrote about. Now if we could just figure out how to make the rest of the world see it and how to prepare for it besides being faithful."

"Hi, I read your article on blood moons etc and on change of times," Adds Lynn Cope. "A number of years ago my sister and I were climbing Cross mountain in Medjugorje and as we reached the top we sat down to rest before making our descent and looked at the sky, where three huge halos appeared, one after another -- and to our amazement what resembled a huge sun appeared, gold and with what looked like lava on its surface; after a time it disappeared.

"Later I identified this vision as the surface of the sun as I have seen pictures on the internet. It was by now quite dark. As we made our way down the mountain, a silent steam of lightning appeared in one part of the sky. The lightning was a mixture of colors: blood red, blue, and yellow (we watched this all the way down the mountain, which took about an hour) within the streaks of lightning appeared a moon which was blood red with a black circle around it. We were amazed at what we had seen and pondered about it for years before I realized that revelations in the Bible describe similar things."

On another topic (but still in -- perhaps -- the mystical realm):

"After reading your headline article today about evil phenomena being concentrated in certain places,  it reminded me about something I thought about before and subsequently did a little informal research on, that is: the concentration of abortion clinics near areas where mass shootings have occurred in the U.S.," wrote George Creel of Williamstown, New Jersey, who belongs to a "Betania" community  fashioned after the revelations at the Church-approved site in Venezuela.

"The heaviest concentration was near Newtown, Connecticut (Sandy Hook Elementary School). There are nine clinics nearby, and the population is only about 27,000. In Blacksburg, Virginia, where Virginia Tech is located, there are nine clinics, and the population is about 42,000. In the Denver, Colorado, area, where Columbine High School is located, and Aurora, Colorado (where the movie theater shooting took place), there are ten clinics, and the population is about 634,000. Near Fort Hood, Texas, there are seven clinics and the population is around 127,000. In the same area, back in 1991, 23 people were killed at a Lubyís Cafeteria in Killeen. 

"For perspective, I did the same research for the area where I live,  which is South Jersey, which is part of Metropolitan Philadelphia. Between South Jersey and Philadelphia there are thirteen clinics, but the population is around 2,750,000! Thankfully, there havenít been any mass shootings in this area.

"It seems to me that there may be a connection between the evil of abortion and the evil manifestation of mass murder by, obviously, deranged people. The shootings in Colorado and Texas happened twice in each state, and the places where they occurred were in very close proximity to each other. It makes me wonder about the higher concentration of evil in certain geographical areas, and why itís there. On a positive note, itís always good to see the light of goodness (God) manifest itself as these communities pull together in the aftermath of one of these horrific events."

No doubt unrelated, but Fort Hood is one of the places in Texas where unexplained rumblings have been reported.

[resources: The Harbinger and Fear of Fire]

[Print article]

[Feedback: "I read with great interest your main article this morning (Magnetic Pole shifts & Blood Moons), it mentioned about evil phenomena being concentrated in certain places. Gloria Polo (Struck by Lightning) wrote in her book that she was shown by God every time someone has an abortion another demon gets released from hell. This would make sense as to the high rate of violence in those areas." --  Andrea Walshe, Melville, New York]

[Further feedback: "During the first blood moon Jewish Tetrad in 162/163 A.D., the attacks increased exponentially in Israel. Emperor Hadrian, before his death, officially renamed the country of Israel as Palestine, opening up the way for Arab hostilities against Israel to increase. Even though the tribe of Palestinians had been wiped out, the Arab nations took their cue from Hadrian that this land was now theirs to take. (this is not covered in Hagee's book)

"A series of three Jewish Tetrads 795/796 A.D., 842/843 A.D. and 860/861 A.D was the peak of the Moorish Caliphate. T he most brutal Sunni Kaliph Abbas id clamped down on the Sharia-type laws, which are detailed in the Pact of U mar from the 7th century .... stating that death is the infidel's reward for practicing any faith (Judaism or Christianity) other than Islam within the Caliphate that ruled the Holy Land. This was after Mohammed's death, and the Caliphate (Sunni's) were at odds even then with the Great Imams (the Shia's). I n 1009 AD the Kaliph ordered the destruction of the Holy Sepulchre and all remaining holy sites to the Jews and Christians in Jerusalem.

"Today, the Shia's look forward to the return of the 12th Imam, who is to rule the world and bring death to all infidels amid chaos and ruin. The "Twelvers" (Al-Qaeda) are again at odds with those who would reinstate the Caliphate (Muslim Brotherhood). They, like the Jews who look to the signs of the blood moons, sense as we Catholics do, that the time of change is coming close at hand, as you stated in your article." -- Bob and Lisa Reinkemeyer]


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