From the mailbag (unedited): prayers for woman connected to alleged Spanish apparition site

Dear Friends of The Blessed Virgin Mary:.....July 12, 2001

> This is to let you know the very sad news that Mari-Loli one of the four
> Garabandal visionaries, is going through a very serious health crises.
> On the 40th anniversary of Our Lady of Carmel's appearance at
> Garabandal, Spain, July 2nd, Loli entered the Mass. General Hospital in
> Boston and on the same day had biopsy surgery on her lungs. One cut
> under her breast, another cut under her arm and one on her back.

> She has Pulmonary Fibrosis which has been going on for two years without
> anyone knowing. It is complicated by a very rare form of Lupus that she
> has had to endure for the last 15 years. There are many other health
> factors that enter into this that I am not able to explain because I do
> not even understand it myself. However, it has been classified as
> "terminal."

> There is an experimental drug, not approved as yet, which has helped in
> "certain" cases...Whether or not it could help Loli is unknown at this
> time.

> For now, all I can tell you is to pray...that is our greatest hope.

> Rosaura (Sari), Loli's sister who lives here in Garabandal, where I am
> until the end of this month, has asked me to try to organize for Loli,
> 1-hour of rosary prayers, including adoration of The Blessed Sacrament,
> wherever it is possible. She suggested that it be at the same hour
> worldwide...

> Therefore, Sunday, July 15th, Vigil of The Feastday Our Lady of Mt.
> Carmel, at the Hour of Mercy 3 to 4 PM, is the designated time for every
> time zone.

> so that those who can or wish to can participate in this very urgent
> call for Loli's Healing. What else can we do...sincere prayer is the
> only answer.

> Loli and her family are aware of the many prayers and Holy Masses being
> offered on her behalf. They want everyone to know how grateful they are.

> Loli told me last night that she is also praying to Mother Teresa. She
> treasures the little medals that Mother Teresa gave her when they met in
> 1988.

> How long does she have??? The doctors can only quote statistics and have
> been very prudent in explaining their views. However, I do believe God
> is the ONE who will make the final decision. We must all TRUST in Him.
> Keep Praying!!! We want ONLY His Holy Will.

> With much appreciation for whatever you can do in soliciting prayers for
> Loli.


> Maria Carmela Saraco

[please note that Spirit Daily adheres to the Church rulings on this and other apparitions]

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