Which U.S. Presidents were Masons?

      Through the years there have been many claims of American presidents belonging to the old "fraternal" group known as the Masons. While most Masons today resemble the Elks Club more than an ancient occult organization (at least in the U.S.), there is still an occult ritual involved with stages of their initiation and what is an inherent anti-Christian agenda, or at least one inimical to the true faith. Some go so far as to declare Masons and even their children as dedicated to the service of Satan. The rituals hearken back to the idolatry of Egyptian, Babylonian, and medieval times. Some believe the first organized "Masons" could be considered a club of architects who harbored occult secrets during the Roman Empire. During the Middle Ages they sprung from a construction union into a full-blown force.

       No one is really sure what goes on at the topmost levels of this secret organization. Many books have been written about Masonry among important European and American bankers during and after the French Revolution, which itself had a Masonic flavor (Voltaire was a Mason said to have been inducted by Benjamin Franklin, another Mason). Masonic money was also rumored to have helped Lenin establish Communism. Shakespeare was a Mason. So was Casanova. Ditto for Mozart. The list goes from Mark Twain and Davy Crockett to W. C. Fields, Arthur Godfrey, and J. Edgar Hoover.

       Is that to say all these men were occultists? Many joined as a matter of politics. And also practiced a brand of Christianity. But there was still a dark occult tinge -- a force that can sway them, consciously or subconsciously -- and still the question of what transpires at the topmost ranks. Some of the pioneers of America were Masons. Patrick Henry. Paul Revere. And, of course, presidents.

       While there have long been rumors that Bill Clinton is a Mason, official lists from lodges in North Carolina and Louisiana that log historical Masons do not list him, nor do they claim George W. Bush (although Bush, like his father, did belong to a fraternity at Yale University that had masonic-like rituals). One list has Al Gore as a full member of the Masons, along with Colin Powell and Jesse Jackson. According to official Masonic websites themselves, here were the fully inducted Masonic presidents:

Buchanan, James 

Ford, Gerald R. 

Garfield, James A. 

Harding, Warren G. 

Jackson, Andrew 

Johnson, Andrew 

McKinley, William 

Monroe, James 

Polk, James Knox 

Roosevelt, Franklin D. 

Roosevelt, Theodore 

Taft, William Howard 

Truman, Harry S. 

Washington, George

       Bob Dole, Sam Nunn, and many others (including the Supreme Court Justice who led the fight to legalize abortion) were or are also listed by some organizations as Masons, along with founders of many major corporations.


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