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For your discernment:


by Michael H. Brown

For years we've been getting the reports: those who visit the famous site of Medjugorje in Bosnia-Hercegovina often encounter mysterious strangers who in retrospect (or even at the time) seem like angels. It is known in mystical literature as well as the Bible that angels can take human form (start with the angels who warned Lot at Sodom in Genesis 19:1), and this occurs with special frequency at places of supernatural happenings.

I wrote last week that two nephews of mine may have run into an angel on Apparition Hill at Medjugorje. There are many such accounts. Years ago, a friend named Debbie Womack from Louisville described an encounter with a strange woman while walking to church in Medjugorje. "She was so tall it was like she was huge," Debbie told me. "When I noticed her, she was walking with her head down. And then she turned to her right and I just stopped dead in my tracks. Something just told me in my heart that it was an angel. As soon as I had that thought, she turned around and she looked right at us. Both of us stopped. Her eyes were blue -- so blue you couldn't imagine -- and she looked like an old woman, yet her eyes were very young, and she had the most beautiful smile. She looked like a peasant woman, but with a smile and eyes like I had never seen. There was so much joy. As I turned to look at my friend, my friend said, 'An angel!' We turned back and looked and she disappeared. There was nothing but a dirt wall."

A similar occurrence happened last month to George  Magnan of Venice, Florida, as he was walking through the village after a visit to Apparition Hill (where the Virgin Mary first appeared in 1981).

Suddenly a man he didn't recognize called out his name.

"He said, 'Hi, my name is Joe Cunningham, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,'" recounts George. He then mentioned that George needed a kneeling pad so he could pray in front of the cross on Mount Krizevac (a holy mountain) and receive a special indulgence.

"I showed him one that I had," says George. "He said, 'This is my kneeling pad.'" It was a pure white towel he hung from his belt. "At this point I noticed that everything he wore was white, hat, shirt, belt, pants, and shoes."

The man knew that George had been at what is known as the Blue Cross (a site of apparition on the hill), and said he knew George was troubled, with a daughter who had serious health problems. 

George held onto the mysterious stranger's outstretched hands as they prayed. Afterward, the man said all would be okay. George's eyes swelled with tears, and so did the stranger's. "When I looked into his face it was all wet with tears. With a soft and gentle voice he said, 'not only is my towel for kneeling but also my crying towel.' He bent his head over and wiped the tears from his face with the towel."

"We said good-bye, and I thanked him and turned to continue my walk back with my rosary in hand," says George. "I hadn't taken but one or two steps when I remembered a movie called The Green Mile, and the prisoner named John Coffee who did healings from his cell, and his initials were J.C. also... Could it be? I turned back immediately and he was gone in that second or two. No one was on the walk, in the street, or even across the street. I ran back to the first stores, but there was no sign of him anywhere. I could feel my whole body starting to shake, not in fear, but with joy..."

We urge caution with all such events. They have to be discerned. But often they are indeed gifts from heaven. One day, I'll recount the time that an angel's voice saved my life. We'll be periodically reporting on other such events, but next week will explore the dark side: the times when what appears is the evil one.

stay tuned...

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