Dear Spirit Daily,

When I went to Medjugorje in 1988, I had a similar experience to what was posted on today's website. One evening, a group of us climbed Mt. Cross to pray the rosary at midnight. As we were finishing our rosary, a group of 4 individuals arrived at the top of the mountain and knelt down and began singing and praying - such beautiful songs of worship. After a few minutes they (2 men and 2 women) came over to us (there were about 10 of us) and one of the strangers asked if any of us wanted to be prayed over. Of course, many of us said yes. While it was getting late, I was watching the others in my group being prayed over and noticed that these strangers had no lights with them or shoes on their feet. It is impossible to climb that mountain at night without a flashlight or shoes as it is pitch black out. I was standing there noticing all of this and thinking "I hope they have time to pray over me" (as the others were dropping like flies from being slain in the spirit) when the one stranger who seemed to be the leader suddenly turned around and gently pushed his way through the crowd and came right up to me and said, "Would you like to be prayed over?" Of course I said "Yes!" I was prayed over by him in tongues and was "slain in the spirit," falling to the ground but feeling as if I was floating to the ground, like a feather. I remained there for a few minutes, feeling like I was in ecstasy. After I got up, the group of strangers said good-bye by saying "We must go now. See you in heaven!" They then left to go back down the mountain. We followed only a moment later, with our flashlights and hiking shoes and the strangers were NOWHERE to be found! I knew then for certain we had been in the company of angels.

Joan Hofmann
Wilmington, DE

Dear Lisa and Michael,
I am anxiously awaiting a photo from a fellow pilgrim (Walt Kokol) that I think will be extraordinary!! While in Medjugorje we were walking behind the church and suddenly I noticed a blue butterfly that seemed to be following us (myself, Walt, Barb Lane and Cathy Henning) we were all awestruck as none of us had ever seen anything like it. As we followed it, it completely disappeared into the grass. The following day Walt saw it again, and it landed on some white rocks so he took a picture, when it was developed, the rocks were BLUE and the is an outline of Our Lady with the butterfly in the middle!!!! I will send it as soon as I receive it. Praised be Jesus for granting us this special gift. Hope all is well with you. Hope to hear from you soon. 

God Bless, Bernice Simpson, Long Island

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