Seven Days With Mary by M. Brown
A week of devotions to special sites that involved the Virgin Mary. Special prayer and histories of historic and hidden apparitions and visions!  Photos. Journey to remote sites you've never heard of or learn some hidden facts about places you have! A new prayer book that's like going on retreat. CLICK HERE


Dear Mr. Brown,
I thought I might share my "angel story" with you. My family made the
trip to Medjugorje in 1987. My husband and I have two children, a
daughter who was then 14, and a son who was then 10 years old. On the
plane with our group was a young woman traveling alone to Medjugorje
from California. When we reached Zagreb, we had to change planes to fly
to Dubrovnik. There were soldiers carrying guns all around the airport
at that time. When our luggage was being sent through a metal detector,
a suitcase belonging to a close friend set the alarm off. She was
detained for a few minutes, and we stayed with her because she was
afraid. After her luggage was searched and nothing was found, she was
allowed to go. We ran to the gate where our guide was holding our
boarding passes, and he handed one to each of us as we ran through the
gate to the plane. However, we were one boarding pass short, my son did
not get a pass. Apparently, the young lady traveling to Medjugorje who
was on the plane from California took one of our passes, mistakenly.

My husband and daughter had gone through the gate, but I did not. The
guards told me I had to go and leave my son, and they would not let my
husband or daughter come back through the gate. I told the guards I
would never leave my son, and an argument began, with our guide
translating and trying to calm me down. As the guide was telling me to
let him handle this, my son came to me with a boarding pass. I was
confused, and I asked him where he got it. He told me a man gave it to
him and told him to get on the plane. I asked him where this man was,
but my son couldn't see him anywhere. This boarding pass just happened
to be for the plane we were boarding, for the last empty seat, which was
next to me. I took my son through the gate, but we were detained for a
few minutes while an army officer came. She examined the boarding
passes, looking for even the hint of an error, but could find nothing.
We boarded the plane and completed our flight to Medjugorje.

I have always believed and have told my son that the man who helped him
was probably his guardian angel. Where would anyone be able to get a
boarding pass for the correct plane, at the correct time, for the only
seat left; at ANY airport, never mind an airport in a communist
country? Do people ever give away boarding passes? I think about this
sometimes, and I always thank God for His blessing.

Praised be Jesus!
North Arlington, NJ


Hi Lisa and Michael,

 I want to tell you my account with an angel last year (2000) in Medjugorje.  I went to pray the Rosary and attend Croatian Mass on my own one night last year, of course with my very limited eyesight, by the time Mass
was over (October) it was dark...everyone went their own way, I had to make my way back down the Main Street to my Guest Hotels driveway, about 300 yards from the church. After crossing the street by the
church, I suddenly could not see the curb from the sidewalk, I was standing still, unsure of where to step up, people were walking around me, I found myself saying, "I am sorry I can't move, I am legally blind," all of a sudden behind me, a male voice said, "It's okay, take two steps forward then step up." 

I did, I was on the sidewalk and able then to continue down to my Hotel driveway, I turned around to thank the
Man that directed me, only to find NO ONE there....I knew it was an angel, either my guardian angel or a different one sent by God to help me...I felt so safe after that incident that I continued to go off on my own which is very unusual for me...

Evelyn Martin, Catskill, NY+


Dear Spirit Daily:

I read the article this morning about the vision a nun had in St. James Church in front of the statue of the blessed mother. I was reminded of an experience I had in 1990.

In 1990, no outside facilities existed in Medjugoure. Therefore, the Church was always extremely crowded. My mother and my daughter (age 10) were with me on our first trip to Medjugoure. My Mom would sit for hours in the Church waiting for a seat during Mass. I never sat but stood packed some place in the Church.

Toward the end of the 10-day stay I very much wanted to finally be in front of the statue of the Blessed Mother in the front of the Church. I never could get close to that location due to the crowds. As I stood outside the side door to the right of the statue, I prayed fervently to the Blessed Mother to allow me to be near the statue and pray. Much confusion was currently going on with people as they all tried to frantically go in a variety of directions.

Calmly and quietly through the chaos the crowd opened and I had a direct path to the Statue -- no body was even close to the statue. I knelt in front of the statue and a perfect blank circle enveloped me and stayed around me throughout the Mass. It was as if I was totally alone with the statue amid the sea of people who were all around me. No one came near to me in my circle. There was a wall stopping others from nearness but at the same time no one seemed to notice the circle. That one event made my trip extremely special. 

Darnell Cuevas
Necaise Crossing, Mississippi


Dear Michael:

I am glad you had a wonderful trip to Medjugorje just recently. About a week ago you had an angel story
concerning Debbie Womack and another pilgrim from Louisville. To add something to the story, I was on
that trip. In fact, Debbie Womack and Martha Carey were walking to meet me on the back road to go to
Apparition Hill. They saw the Angel as Debbie stated and then told me about the visitation later. I also
had a wonderful experience on the last day of my first trip to Medjugorje. 

After saying a rosary the time was 5:45p.m. on Monday September 18, 1989 and I saw the bottom half of Mount
Krizevac disappear. Within a couple of seconds I saw the Blessed Mother's gray puffy clouds like the
visionaries see. I was blessed with many other signs along with my other fellow pilgrims. Thank you for
sharing your witness and others too. We are in need of witness today for troubled times may be soon ahead.
But in the end the Springtime will come and the World will be renewed. 

Thank you very much,

Joseph E. Schroer

P.S. Michael, Thank you for your talks in Louisville a few years ago. Finally, Medjugorje is a true
apparition site and please keep telling the world about Mary's visitation there. 

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