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From The Mail: Did Woman Encounter Angels?

By Linda Nelson

I just got back from Medjugorie and the experience was absolutely wonderful. I liken the peace to the same wonderful feeling I had after I had given birth to my sons. 

I want to go back and hopefully someday I will. I had just finished reading your recent article on angels. 

I had an angel encounter that I wanted to share with you. 

The first time I climbed apparition hill I was with my group and our tour guide. We stopped at each mystery of the Rosary and prayed. 

Upon reaching the first joyful ministry I witnessed a young Croatian girl about the age of 18 climbing the hill on her hands and knees. It was very troubling for me because she didn't have full use of her legs. Her persistence and determination were incredible as she struggled and fell on the pointed rocks. 

There were three handsome, barefoot Croatian men watching her and assisting her when she needed help. I watched her as she would painstakingly inch her way up to a tree and pull her self up to a standing position. She would try and take little baby steps forward and then fall on the rocks. 

At first I was confused and almost angry that these men didn't run over and help her. I was also curious to why they would discourage other people who were climbing the hill from helping her. When this young girl looked defeated or weak one of the men would come over and start encouraging her to keep going. The other two would either sing or pray for her. She never showed any look of pain only weakness. 

In my mind I prayed for her and I had to then continue on with the group. After we were done praying the Rosary I decided to go back down to see how this girl was progressing on her quest to make it up the hill.  

I found her at the first cross. My heart was moved with pity for her. I knew in my mind all I could do is pray, so that is what I did. I prayed for her strength and healing. I witnessed many things as I spent that next hour praying for her. I noticed many people did not even see her. They walked right by. 

There were a few who would try and help her by grabbing her arm but very quickly the men standing guard over her would tell the people to stop helping. I found that extremely puzzling. After awhile the men noticed me and that I was praying for her and I could tell they were pleased. As people were passing me by I tried the make eye contact and say hi  but I was very disappointed in the reaction of most of the people with their stone cold faces.  

As the girl was getting closer to me, all of a sudden felt a very strong driving wind. It was so strong that it almost took my hat off. The wind seemed to come from no where and lasted a minute or two as I continued to pray. At this point I felt really compelled to physically help her. 

As they were passing me I stood up and asked one of the men if I could help. He said, "Just pray." So I sat down again and did just that. 

I again felt really compelled to make eye contact with this girl and give her some encouraging words. So when the men were talking amongst themselves and not looking, I quickly climbed up to where the girl was sitting and told her she was doing a good job. A big smile came over her face and I then grabbed her hand and said, "God Bless you." Immediately one of the men came to where we were and to my surprise, he was happy with what I had done. 

The girl pulled up her pants leg to show me the wounds on her knee. The man very gently placed his hand on her knee and then not really even thinking, I  placed my hand over his hand. I sat there and prayed, asking Jesus to heal her. After I was done praying I stood up to leave and he called me back and took a picture of me with my little Croatian friend. I told her Jesus loves her and the man then repeated very happily, "yes, Jesus." 

Just before I turned to leave he smiled, put his hand on his heart, and then blew me a kiss. After taking a few steps down the hill I turned around to watch, my friend, who appeared to have new found strength from my encouraging words and prayers. 

Well, needless to say I knew that the Lord was trying to teach me something here and it wasn't until the next day after morning Mass, the hidden meaning came to light. It was after I had prayed the St. Michael Chaplet.

1.  The girl represents Jesus. She also represents all of God's children and how we are to see Jesus in everyone.
2.  The three men were angels. They help us by praying, singing, encouraging and protecting us. They will physically help us as a last resort. We are to experience things on our own by falling and picking ourselves up again. But they are always watching, waiting for us to ask for their help.
3.  I know I was being tested.  I think I passed the test because after all this I received additional directions for my mission in life.  I am suppose to pray for and with others.  Encourage.  Smile.  Touch. 
4.  When she showed me her wounded knee it reminded me of Jesus falling three times with the heavy cross. I am to help others by using these directives; in turn it can help people carry their crosses. 
I know that these men were angels because they are the only ones who know that I blow kisses to the Blessed Sacrament everyday in church. It is my secret thing I do and the clue to who these men are.  So when the man blew me a kiss I immediately knew. They were men of little words and they were very handsome the very physically fit.

I will never forget this beautiful day when I encountered some of God's heavenly angels. I wanted to share this story with you because it might help someone else someday. 


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