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Report: Woman Was Healed Of Severe Cancer, Other Illnesses At Medjugorje

[from 'Children of Medjugorje']

First story

When Colleen went to her doctor in Chicago, a pulmonary specialist, she walked right up to the reception desk and said, "I'm Colleen."  Everyone in the office knew her by sight and said, "No, you're not."  Shocked, she said, "Yes, I am!"  They screamed running through the office yelling, "Dr. Duggan, Dr. Duggan, come here!"  Baffled by the excitement in his office he walked into the room quickly.  He saw Colleen and, as if struck by lightening, his entire perspective on life changed.  He said, "Oh my God!  Oh my God!  Oh my God!" 

We first heard Colleen's story in September from long-time Medjugorje resident Patrick Latta.  Immediately we called Gail and Jack Boos and heard the following story from Gail:    

"Colleen suffered from an inoperable brain tumor that affected her pituitary gland and all of her fine and gross motor skills.  She had rickets, her thyroid had completely dried up to the size of a raisin, she had MS, lupus, fibromyalgia and nine other painful and deadly illnesses.  The Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota (top research clinic in the United States for spinal cord injuries and brain tumors) reminded Colleen often that just to be alive was a miracle, even without the brain tumor.  We first met Colleen when she asked us, despite her pain, if she could volunteer for our organization, St. Clare Helper of the Poor, Inc.  She became one of our biggest fund raisers for refugees and the poor in Bosnia, utilizing the telephone when her voice permitted.

In the last stages of cancer, Colleen's suffering became so extreme that prayer was her only recourse.  She could no longer climb the stairs to her bedroom or prayer room, she could not go to the bathroom without assistance, and to only touch her skin caused unimaginable pain.  Colleen's husband, John, continued to work while their 21 year old son agreed to stay home and take care of Colleen.  One day I shared with Colleen about our many trips to Medjugorje [the famed apparition site in Bosnia-Hercegovina]. Colleen felt inspired to go but she knew she couldn't go in her present physical state.  And with medical bills from Mayo Clinic piling up, her family simply did not have the money.  Still, Colleen said, "I don't want to go for a healing, I only want to go and experience Blessed Mother and this holy place". 

That was in April.  In August Colleen called us and said, "John and I are praying about going on this trip."  I said, "Colleen, it would only be by the grace of God that you could make it across the ocean in your condition."  And she said, "No Gail, we've been praying with our hearts and I said to the Lord, 'Lord, if you really want me to go, I need a confirmation.  Let Fr. Agniello call me tomorrow and I will know that I am supposed to go.'  The next morning at 9:00, Fr. Agniello called and said, "Colleen, I don't know why but I'm supposed to call you this morning."  So she knew that she and John were meant to go.  That was her confirmation. 

We were down to the last couple of weeks of getting everything ready to go to Medjugorje.  John paid their fare and we were all to meet in Chicago..  I talked to John and told him that I thought it was really important that he take out a second insurance policy on Colleen because if she were to get really sick in Medjugorje, she might die and the cost to get her back home might be six or seven figures. 

Getting onto the plane, Colleen and John were miraculously upgraded to business class.  Colleen was given medication every two hours to control the pain.  In Split airport, John and Jack took Colleen's feet and lifted them one at a time, step by step onto the bus.  But in all of her pain she was joyful, always smiling, always praising God that she had made it that far. 

The next morning, Vicka was speaking.  Colleen was pushed in her wheel chair as far as she could go in order to get a glimpse of Vicka.  But all of the people around were pushing her, leaning on her, mothers were bringing their children in and passing them over her head--I thought, 'I made a horrible mistake by bringing her up here.  Please Lord forgive me.  This is too much for her!'  Just then her head dropped and I thought Colleen had died because she had told me that she could die at any moment if the pituitary gland gave way or her head was hit too hard.  Her husband was way in back so he pushed his way through the crowd, lifted her head back, put some morphine mixed with another medicine under her tongue and we waited.  It took her quite some time to revive. 

When Vicka finished speaking she pushed her way through the crowd and approached Colleen.  Her first words to her in English were "Praise God! Praise God!"   Vicka opened her arms, reached inside Colleen's wheelchair and pulled her into her chest hugging and kissing her, holding Colleen's body.  Then she put her left hand on Colleen's head and as she went to put her right hand also, pilgrims literally pulled her hand away and stuffed prayer petitions, rosaries and pictures into her hand.  But Vicka, with her beautiful heavenly presence and her smile, continued to pray over Colleen and several of us saw this:  It looked like a golden globe came from Vicka's hand.  Vicka had her hand on Colleen for a long time and Colleen kept saying, "My head is like coals!  My head is burning!  It's like a spiral going through my body!."  When Vicka finished praying over Colleen--about 10 minutes--she bent over and hugged Colleen again and kissed her again. 

Colleen was crying.

So we got Colleen into a taxi and back to church and John rolled her to the very front.  Jack and I stayed at the back.  Later, Colleen shared with us that when the priest began to consecrate the host, she heard the Blessed Mother say, "My daughter, will you surrender to God the Father?  Will you surrender to my Spouse, the Holy Spirit?  Will you surrender to my Son, Jesus?" and Colleen heard Blessed Mother say, "Will you surrender now?"  And Colleen said, "Yes I will surrender now, all for the glory of heaven, all for the glory of God".  At that moment, her legs began to tingle.  She knew that something was different and when Mass was over, she knew that she was healed and walked out of her wheelchair.  I was in total shock.  John was behind her pushing the empty wheelchair and there stood Colleen.  She walked right out of church.  We went to Viktor's restaurant and people were running to her. 

They had heard of the healing and even seen it.  She walked back to the pansion, where she played with her husband, pushing him in the wheelchair.  he next day she climbed Apparition Hill on her own.  Then she made it to the sixth station of Krizevac, even though she had the strength to make it to the top -- at the request of a priest -- she prayed instead of continuing. 

Upon her return to the team of doctors in the United States who were looking after her health, Colleen was completely tested and all tests came back normal.  She now has a working thyroid, the brain tumor has disappeared and all illnesses are eradicated from her body. But, Colleen and John wondered how they would explain her healing to the doctor at the Mayo Clinic. When she opened the door for her appointment, the doctor pushed his chair away from his desk, smiled at her and said, "So, you have been to Medjugorje! You are our third major unexplainable healing coming from there!"  The problem was solved.  There was nothing to explain.

Colleen's healing has joined hundreds of others in St James parish records which closely resemble those from Lourdes. But Colleen's story is far from being over!   As she was courageously serving Jesus and the poor before her healing, offering up the terrible and continuous pain she endured, she now offers her health to answer Jesus' call.  The key words of Colleen's life and of all the incredible blessings which are flowing from it, are indeed, "Yes, I surrender!" 

Second story

Case Of Illinois Woman Who Was 'Healed' In Stunning Fashion Continues To Unfold

Earlier this week we carried the rather dramatic story of a woman from the western suburbs of Chicago named Colleen Willard who apparently experienced a remarkable healing at the famous apparition site of Medjugorje in Bosnia-Hercegovina. Indeed, her healing was so noteworthy that she says doctors have written testimonies that will now be considered by the Church.

We always say "apparently," because such cases need extensive documentation. Moreover, there are often inaccuracies in the way such cases are initially reported. It was for that reason that we contacted Colleen ourselves to confirm a number of facts. And indications remain that this is in fact a potentially significant case. It is also the case that she has no qualms talking about it.  "We don't care who tells the story because of the fact that it's what Our Lady, what God, did," she told Spirit Daily yesterday. "The only one this story belongs to is God. When you go through something like this, all you can think of is the Presence of God. When God takes a 52-year-old woman who was in the condition I was: the Lord had a reason for it to occur over there. It could have been anywhere -- but obviously He chose it to happen there so that Medjugorje could be recognized. I had so many multiple things wrong."

A laundry list, to say the least. Besides the tumor, there were at least nine other significant ailments, she says. There had been what's called Hashimoto's thyroiditis. There was myofascial fibromyalgia. There was severe osteomalacia. There was the hypothalamic brain tumor, which was at the root of many problems. There was critical adrenal insufficiency. According to the Illinois woman, who was treated by a number of doctors, in addition to staff at the famed Mayo Clinic, the airline didn't even want her to fly, and her medical advisers also warned against it. Just a week before leaving, she was in the hospital. She was supposed to be on oxygen in order to survive. This was last year. She could hardly speak for more than several minutes at a time. "It wasn't actually confirmed as cancer, because they could not even do a biopsy," she said, correcting a report that appeared on one Medjugorje website. "And there was no MS. But it was an inoperable brain tumor that sat right in front of the hypothalamus gland next to the major blood vessel in the brain.

"What my doctor said was that two things would happen due to the fact that it was very rare: one, we talked about the growth and how they could not actually operate because they said I might turn out to be a vegetable. They could not guarantee that I would turn out to be the same person as when I went in. We asked them how much time I had and they told me the tumor was in my 'soul.' In essence, they said that what happens with a tumor located where mine was located is it puts you in a very precarious situation. The hypothalamus is the major gland that regulates the heart, the lungs, everything in your body. They could not even do a biopsy. That would be life-threatening. They said that what they would find is that cancer would show up as a secondary cancer somewhere. It wasn't the pituitary gland. It was the hypothalamus gland and my adrenal glands were affected."

Colleenís suffering became so extreme that she could no longer climb the stairs to her bedroom or prayer room and could not go to the bathroom without assistance; even touching her skin caused great pain. Colleenís husband, John, continued to work in the insurance business while their 21-year-old son agreed to stay home and take care of her. 

The tumor was not only rare but so close to the blood vessel that it could push the vessel and cause an instant aneurism. That was before she decided to go to Medjugorje. Upon her return, she was radically healed. When she went to her doctor's, the staff hardly even recognized her! Her doctors, she says, were astonished. One even guessed that she had been to Medjugorje.

The healing apparently was triggered when one of the seers, Vicka Ivankovic-Mijatovic (right), prayed over her. As Vicka prayed, Colleen was taken into a different realm. One observer said it looked like "a golden globe came from Vickaís hand. Vicka had her hand on Colleen for a long time and Colleen kept saying, 'My head is like coals!  My head is burning! Itís like a spiral going through my body!'" Adds Colleen herself: "There was total silence. I'll tell you this: I'm not afraid of dying any more. There wasn't even light. The moment she placed her hand on my head, all outside sound stopped, totally. I was so immersed in the Presence of God, nothing else existed but Him and His Presence."

It also occurred during Mass. Colleen feels that the Blessed Mother spoke to her. "God does not give you a disease and leave you abandoned," is the way she summarizes the lesson. And He brought that message all the way to Bosnia. "He was still there, the whole time, and it was right before the consecration at Mass that Our Lady had said this. And when I heard her, never having heard her before, as God is my witness, I heard her as if it went through my entire self. And when she spoke I couldn't hear any other words that were being said. When the Eucharist was placed on my tongue, immediately at that point I was aware of heat leaving, and when the heat was leaving, the pain that I had 24 hours a day started to go. It was at that point, after Holy Communion, that my husband looked at me and never said a word. He saw on my face what was happening, and got down on his knees next to the wheelchair. I said, 'John, please get me out of this wheelchair. It feels cumbersome. I can move my hands. I can move my arms. Look: there's no pain!"

To the shock of observers, she was able to get out of the chair.

"All my Mayo doctors had declared this as a miracle," she says. "My doctors had told me that if it had gone to the blood vessel it would have been an instant aneurism, and otherwise what was happening was that it would cause my whole body to shut down. And that's what had been happening. It had gone into the adrenal glands, and it had gone into the lung area. There were two diseases that they found in the lung. I was supposed to be on oxygen in order to survive."

The healing process was at full throttle. God had intervened. Most of the ailments had disappeared. And now it is up to the experts at the parish and even at the Vatican to discern if this is a recognizable miracle -- one of hundreds reported at the apparition site. As for Colleen, her advice to the infirm: remember that when we are sick, there are many blessings available.

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