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By Michael H. Brown

The questions are constant: Are the recent events -- terrorism, war -- part of the Medjugorje secrets? Are they what was foretold to those kids who claim to see the Virgin? And most importantly, do they foretell the coming of something larger?

These are logical questions. After all, one of the seers, Mirjana Dragicevic Soldo, has long indicated that the first secret she was given by the Virgin Mary is a regional event that will come as a warning to the world. She has hinted it's a disaster that will occur at a particular place but resonate everywhere -- something that people will "hear about very far" away -- and she once compared it to a dam collapsing in Italy. Since at least 1985 she has described the event in her first secret as some sort of a "suffering" or a "disaster."

These are words she used. 

"It won't be good at all," Mirjana once told a priest. "It won't be pleasant." 

If the people saw the first secret, said the seer, "all of them would most certainly be shaken enough to take a new and different look at themselves and everything around them." 

She added that the event or events in her first secret will be "distinct" and "necessary in order to shake up the world a little. It will make the world pause and think."

In many ways, of course, that sounds like what happened in New York: The bombing of lower Manhattan was a regional event; it was decidedly "unpleasant"; there was great suffering; and it shook the world. It made everyone pause and think; it was on a scale similar to a dam collapsing. 

But there is no indication that September 11 was part of any Medjugorje secret, and indeed, it can not be one of Mirjana's. She has made clear that she will give her first secret to a priest ten days before it happens, and that he will then publicly reveal it after prayer and fasting. 

No such announcement came from Medjugorje prior to September 11, and indeed I was with another seer, Marija Pavlovic Lunetti, less than 40 hours before the World Trade Center disaster. She gave no hint that anything related to her secrets was imminent. 

This raises another question: Are the secrets of Medjugorje -- even the initial warnings -- of a larger magnitude than what we saw September 11? 

That's impossible for us to know. There's certainly that chance, although there is also a chance that the initial ones are smaller. Let's remember that it's not just the size of the event that makes the event in Mirjana's first secret so special but also the fact that it will be announced beforehand. It will confirm the apparitions of Medjugorje because it will be predicted. 

There is little doubt, however, that the events in the latter secrets, especially the ninth and tenth, are larger. Despite recent attempts at downplaying them, they have been described since 1983 as major chastisements "for the sins of the world." These events are almost certainly larger than anything we have seen thus far, and in all likelihood much larger. They will bring about a purification that in the end will be beautiful. They are nothing to fear. They are only to be prayed about, and their very existence should be a stimulus to our conversion.

Everything sent by God has a goodness that we may not understand except in retrospect.

"Something like a catastrophe?" Mirjana was asked in 1985 about her first secret.

 "No," she claimed, "it will not be anything as huge as that. That will come later. "

When asked if people would flock to where the first event occurs, the seer said, "Surely no one wishes to watch disasters, distress, and misfortune. I don't think that this kind of thing attracts people at all. Why would people go to see something of that sort? It is one thing to go and see a sign, quite another to go and see suffering or a disaster. Who would, for example, go to Italy to see a dam collapse? I don't think anyone does -- and that is how it will be with this secret. Whatever is in the secret, it will, of course, be something that everyone, everywhere, will immediately hear about."

Intriguingly, when further asked about the first secret in 1985, Mirjana reportedly replied: "It is the upheaval of a region of the world."

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