Offering of Suffering by Paul Mihalik 
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Brief Medjugorje admonition asks for prayers for conversion of sinners

By Jakob Marschner in Bosnia-Hercegovina

MEDJUGORJE, June 8th -- During Friday evening's public apparition to 
Medjugorje visionary Ivan Dragičević, the Blessed Virgin Mary gave a brief 
admonition asking for prayers for the ones who are most far away from God. 
The Italian translation of the words spoken by Ivan to a tape recorder 
immidiately after the apparition used the phrase "for the conversion of 
sinners" whereas an English translation a few minutes later said "prayers 
for unbelievers", but the meaning can hardly be mistaken.

The apparition took place at The Blue Cross at the foot of the Hill of 
Apparitions where Ivan's public visions make hundreds of pilgrims come to 
the spot. Messages are given only rarely, and the rest of the apparition 
followed what has become the usual event scheme of the Blue Cross 
apparitions: With her hands outstretched the Virgin Mary prayed for the 
intentions of everyone present and with special emphasis on the intentions 
of the sick. With Ivan and his prayer group she prayed one Our Father and 
one Glory Be before giving her motherly blessing and leaving in the sign of 
the Cross saying "Go in peace, my dear children".

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