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Update: Seers from Medjugorje went to Rome but not on official business

Recently we reported on the visit of two seers, Vicka Ivankovic and Jakov Colo, to Rome. Preliminary reports said they had been invited by a priest or Cardinal from India. Whoever invited them, it was not an official visit, and there was no talk to any Vatican officials, according to a source close to the seers. "I talked with Jakov about his and Vicka's visit to Rome and he told me that it was nothing official, which means that they participated the Mass with Holy Father Pope, but there was not any encounter or talk that they were giving on the Synod. So, there is nothing to inform people about, because they were invited to go on pilgrimage with somebody who was capable to arrange them seats for Mass with Holy Father. They were there as pilgrims among thousands of others."

We are also informed that Vicka, the lone single seer, plans to marry this winter and her fiance is a man named Mario who works for an orphanage established by Father Slavko Barbaric, who died a year ago this month (remember him on November 24, which is when he died on Cross Mountain). There have been reports of his intercession since that time, and many visit his grave a couple hundred yards behind the church.

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