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Let us hope that the U.S. bishops maintain their solid attack against pro-choice politicians who are Catholic, as we have seen in the past several days.

This strong front by Church leaders in the U.S. -- which witnessed six bishops in less than 24 hours denounce an erroneous statement by the Democratic Speaker of the House (who during an interview said the Church was still debating when life begins) -- showed the Church with the kind of muscle, goodness, and masculinity it needs to begin erasing damage from years of silence as well as the sex-abuse crisis.

Another pro-abortion Catholic, Senator Joe Biden, the Democratic vice-presidential nominee, was likewise chastened both by his own bishop -- who said that Senator Biden would not be allowed to speak in Catholic schools because of his pro-abortion stand -- and by the bishop of Denver, where the Democratic convention is being held, who advised Senator Biden, a reputed weekly churchgoer, not to receive Communion.

It is anything but pleasant to point out someone by name. Nor do we advise the Church to enter the kind of ad hominem attack mode that currently dominates talk radio, television, and politics.

Love is more important than anything. The Pope emphasizes this. There is no place for hate. That's worse than anything.

But there is also tough love, and a Church with tough love will purge itself and also go, for example, after: universities that have professors who desecrate the Host; blasphemous television shows; comedians who profane the Lord; the Godlessness of public education; museums that harbor raunchy art. It will speak loudly against homosexuality -- without fear, taking the wind out of the ridiculous notion of "tolerance" when it comes to moral evil. It will denounce Hollywood. It will ask Catholics to boycott those who advertise on shows that employ anti-Catholic entertainers. It will raise a national uproar over the unfairness of no school vouchers. It will correct pro-choice and pro-gay-marriage and pro-transgender Catholic governors who are following a path of darkness (publicly, and by name, if necessary).

Dear bishops, keep up the momentum. Aim too at the pro-embryonic-stem-cell advocates in the Republican party, which next holds its convention, and which is likewise in need of corrections.

Go at them, dear bishops. Keep at them.

Bravo, Cardinal Rigali. Bravo, Cardinal Egan. Bravo, Archbishop Chaput. Bravo, Archbishop Wuerl.

Let us hear from everyone!

How about the archbishop of San Francisco (the Speaker's diocese)? How about the Los Angeles diocese, when it comes to the atrocities of Hollywood? How about New York when it comes to the networks? And are not all 16 Catholic Democratic senators pro-choice?

Show them -- and the faithful -- the strength of our Church.

It is through strength and courage and masculinity (as Jesus had masculinity) that we can restore credibility to the chanceries.

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